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Macroeconomics Principles and Practice with Student Resource Access 12 Months

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Macroeconomics: Principles and Practice offers students concepts, intuition and understanding, supported by an ‘Economist’s toolkit’. This Toolkit consolidates appendix-style material into one section to show in a simple manner how calculations and models are used in the real world. This edition follows the same intuitive modular approach as the last and includes guidelines for instructors who prefer alternative, more traditional sequencing. Microeconomics concepts are explored throughout the text where needed, such as when reference is made to ‘supply and demand’. New chapters present macroeconomic theory more intuitively. Policy debates are explained in depth but in a simple and more modern way. The focus is on understanding concepts in a realistic context.

Microeconomics Principles and Practice with Student Resource Access 12 Months


Microeconomics Principles and Practice is a top-tier, academically challenging text that complements Cengage’s suite of Economics titles. Cengage Australia’s second edition of Microeconomics Principles and Practice sees Frost and Schuwalow adapt Taylor’s revised reflections on the global financial crisis and how businesses are recovering. Examples of current events from Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region help explain how discussions on the role of the government can affect the economy. Microeconomics Principles and Practice is concerned with concepts and understanding, which sets it apart from competitor texts.