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Inter/Cultural Communication: Representation and Construction of Culture

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Today, undergraduate students are more familiar with others cultures than ever before because of the media, Internet, local diversity, and their own travels abroad. As such, traditional intercultural communication textbooks which focus solely on the ‘differences’ approach aren’t truly effective for today’s students, or for this area’s growth. By including a social constructionist approach – which explores how culture is constructed and produced in the moments in which it is experienced – “Inter/Cultural Communication: Representation and Construction of Culture in Everyday Interaction” provides today’s undergraduate students with a fuller understanding of how culture and communication affect and effect each other. “Inter/Cultural Communication” improves upon current textbooks in four significant ways: provides a differences approach and a social constructionist approach; explores the consequences of cultural moments on immediate communication and on larger scale social issues; is descriptive, not prescriptive, of how culture is communicated; and, introduces intercultural topics, rather than interpersonal topics, to undergraduate students.

About the Author

Anastacia Kurylo (Ph.D., Rutgers University) is Assistant Professor of Communication Arts at Marymount Manhattan College in New York City. She teaches courses in Interpersonal Communication, Advanced Interpersonal Communication Theory, Gender and Communication, Organizational Communication, Principles and Theories of Communication, Public Speaking, Intercultural Communication, Stereotypes and Communication. In her twelve years of teaching she has taught at numerous colleges including Borough of Manhattan Community College, Marymount Manhattan College, New York University, Pace University, Rutgers University, and St. John’s University. Her research interests include the examination of stereotypes communicated in interpersonal, intercultural, and organizational contexts and the implications of these for stereotype maintenance. She also studies pedagogy and mentorship as well as emotion and culture. She has published five teaching activities, four book chapters, a recent interdisciplinary article on stereotypes published in Qualitative Research in Psychology, and her blog She is currently writing The Communicated Stereotype: From Media to Everyday Talk to be published with Lexington Press. She is a former President of the New Jersey Communication Association and serves as a reviewer or Editorial board member for several journals and associations. She enjoys spending time with her family, creating mosaics, eating in cafes, and working on research with her students.