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The World, the text and the classroom: Teaching Literature in Singapore Secondary Schools


Written by education practitioners, researchers and specialists, The World, The Text and The Classroom: Teaching Literature in Singapore Secondary Schools gives voice to the Literature teacher and spotlights innovative strategies, bringing together text, world and student. Blending both educational theory and pedagogical practice, this collection of 19 papers seek to address three questions: “What innovative pedagogies can be used to develop student voice and engagement with the world beyond the Literature classroom?”, “How can we make Literature accessible and relevant to the students of the digital age?” and “How can we expand our students’ understanding of the world and the human condition through the literary texts that we teach?”. Recent innovations in pedagogical approaches, including the new directions of the 2019 Literature in English Syllabus make it necessary to take stock of the possibilities of the Literature classroom. This, coupled with evolving global mind-sets and attitudes, set the context within which teachers now go about the complex task of teaching Literature in the Singapore classroom. The product of the real experiences of teachers from a range of schools and classroom contexts in Singapore, this book will prove a practical and valuable resource that will inform the teaching and learning in the classroom.