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Psychology for Sustainability: 4th Edition


Psychology for Sustainability, 4th Edition — known as Psychology of Environmental Problems: Psychology for Sustainability in its previous edition — applies psychological theory and research to so-called “environmental” problems, which actually result from human behavior that degrades natural systems. This upbeat, user-friendly edition represents a dramatic reorganization and includes a substantial amount of new content that will be useful to students and faculty in a variety of disciplines-and to people outside of academia, as well. The literature reviewed throughout the text is up-to-date, and reflects the burgeoning efforts of many in the behavioral sciences who are working to create a more sustainable society. The 4th Edition is organized in four sections. The first section provides a foundation by familiarizing readers with the current ecological crisis and its historical origins, and by offering a vision for a sustainable future.The next five chapters present psychological research methods, theory, and findings pertinent to understanding, and changing, unsustainable behavior. The third section addresses the reciprocal relationship between planetary and human wellbeing and the final chapter encourages readers to take what they have learned and apply it to move behavior in a sustainable direction. The book concludes with a variety of theoretically and empirically grounded ideas for how to face this challenging task with positivity, wisdom, and enthusiasm. This textbook may be used as a primary or secondary textbook in a wide range of courses on Ecological Psychology, Environmental Science, Sustainability Sciences, Environmental Education, and Social Marketing. It also provides a valuable resource for professional audiences of policymakers, legislators, and those working on sustainable communities.

About the Author

Britain A. Scott is Professor of Psychology at the University of St. Thomas. Elise L. Amel is Professor of Psychology and Director of Environmental Studies at the University of St. Thomas. Susan M. Koger is Professor of Psychology at Willamette University in Oregon. Christie M. Manning is Associate Director of the Educating Sustainability Ambassadors program and a Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at Macalester College.