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Legal Guide for Startups and Fundraising in Singapore


This is a distinguished title that contains not just the legal focus but also the practical aspects of the startup and fundraising process. Written by seasoned practitioners with over a decade of related practice under the belt, this book seeks to simplify and demystify the area of fundraising and startups for its readers with a focus not only on the legal aspects of the industry, but also the practical, and in the most user-friendly of ways. Hailing from Central Chambers, the authors aim to share their knowledge gleaned from years of practical experience in working with stakeholders from all corners of the industry, in the easiest and most readable way possible. Through the use of templates and explanations with minimal legalese, this Legal Guide for Startups and Fundraising in Singapore will surely serve as a guiding light to those who seek direction in comprehending and navigating the legal landscape surrounding this vibrant and ever-evolving industry.