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Company Law in Singapore 6th Edition



This book provides readers with a basic knowledge of Singapore Company Law from incorporation of a company to its dissolution, including the role of directors and the company secretary, the rights of members, and all relevant statutory provisions governing companies in Singapore. Significant cases decided by the Singapore courts and other applicable jurisdictions have been included to support the statutory provisions.

This edition covers the latest amendments to Singapore Company Law as at time of publication. Most importantly, it includes the changes effected by the Insolvency, Restructuring and Dissolution Act 2018 (IRDA), which came into force in July 2020. As a result, the provisions relating to corporate rescue schemes, judicial management, receivership, and winding up have been repealed from the Companies Act 1967 and replaced by the IRDA 2018.

Similar to past editions, this book presents the law in simple English, avoiding legal jargon as far as possible, to enable both the student and the businessperson to comprehend easily the law relating to companies in Singapore.

Table of Content

Chapter 1. Introduction to Company Law
Chapter 2. Forms of Business Organizations
Chapter 3. Classification of companies
Chapter 4. Incorporation of Companies
Chapter 5. The Constitution of a Company
Chapter 6. Appointment and Disqualification of Directors
Chapter 7. Directors’ Duties and Liabilities
Chapter 8. The Company Secretary’s Role and Responsibilities
Chapter 9. Meetings, Resolutions and Registers
Chapter 10. Rights of Minority Shareholders
Chapter 11 . Shares and Class Rights
Chapter 12. Reduction of Share Capital and Financial Assistance
Chapter 13. Debentures and Charges
Chapter 14. Scheme of Arrangement, Judicial Management and Receivership
Chapter 15. Winding Up and Dissolution

Essentials of Business Law, 3rd Edition


Essentials of Business Law

Essentials of Business Law covers common topics found in most Business Law modules such as, the Singapore Legal System, Law of Contract, Law of Agency, Law of Tort, Intellectual Property Law, Law of Business Organisations and Introduction to Company Law.

This edition is updated with the significant developments involving the restructuring of the Supreme Court of Singapore in 2021; the commencement of the Insolvency, Restructuring and Dissolution Act  2018 which repealed and replaced the provisions of the Companies Act 1967 relating to corporate rescue schemes and insolvency; and most recently, the passing of the Copyright Act 2021. More Singapore cases have also been added to present the position of the local courts on important areas of Business Law.

As with the past two editions, the contents are presented in simple language, with symbols used to highlight key features to help students understand, remember and apply what they have learned.


  • Significant decided cases are summarised for easy understanding of the legal principles involved
  • Important concepts are presented in diagrams and tables for easy recall
  • Questions are posed on the contents covered to help students apply what they have learned to practical situations, with answers provided at the back of the book

The section on Study Tips and Examination Techniques provides students with useful tips on how to study effectively and answer problem-solving questions appropriately to successfully complete a  Business Law module.

About the author

Chandra Gopalan has been teaching Business Law and Company Law for more than 30 years at both the Diploma and Degree levels. She has received several Teaching Awards for innovative curriculum design and facilitating the learning of the law to both young and adult learners. For her outstanding contribution to the teaching service, she was awarded the PS21 Distinguished Star Service Award by the Singapore Government. She is also the author of Company Law in Singapore, 6th edition (2022).