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International Business


Charles Hill draws on his experience in teaching, writing, and global consulting to create an up-to-date, thought-provoking text on international business. Many issues in international business are complex, so, the text explores the pros and cons of economic theories, government policies, business strategies, organisational structures, etc.

International Business

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International Business 2nd Asian Global Edition

There is a reason why instructors around the world have relied on the market-defining product International Business – Competing in the Global Marketplace: it has consistently exceeded instructors’ expectations while preparing students to confront the unique challenges of global business.

International Business Asia Global Edition 2e goes one step further to offer more. A definitive text for Asian students and the global student interested in the multiple opportunities in Asia, it brings together the varied teaching, writing, and the global consulting expertise of Charles Hill, Chow-Hou Wee, and Krishna Udayasankar to create the most thorough, up-to-date, and thought provoking text on the market.

International Business Asia Global Edition 2e maintains a tightly integrated flow between the chapters and identifies how real managers succeed or fail in the global economy. It includes information, examples, and cases that highlight the challenges and opportunities of doing business in Asia, as well as the role of Asian businesses in the global market. The authors’ passion for international business is apparent on every page as they make important theories interesting, informative, and accessible to all readers.

Key Features

· Cases, focus boxes, and exercises throughout the book show how theory relates to the practice of international business.

· Closing Case – Each chapter concludes with a Closing Case demonstrating the relevance of chapter material to the practice of international business.

· End-of-Part Cases – Longer End-of-Part casesallow for more in-depth study of international companies.

· Country Focus – Each Country Focus example provides background on the political, economic, social, or cultural aspects of countries grappling with an international business issue.

· Management Focus – Examples from companies further illustrate the relevance of chapter material for the practice of international business.

· Implications for Managers – At the end ofeach chapter in Parts 2, 3, and 4, sections titled Implications for Managers clearly explain the managerial implications of material discussed in thechapter.

· globalEDGE Research Task – Using the text and the global EDGE website, students solve realistic international business problems related to each chapter. These exercises expose students to the types of tools and data sources international managers use to make informed business decisions.

· Supplements for the instructor on the OnlineLearning Center give instructors online access to the Instructor’s Manual, CaseNotes, PowerPoints, Test Bank, globalEDGE answers, and student resources. For students, this website provides rich interactive resources to help them learn how to practice international business including chapter quizzes and interactive modules.

New in This Edition

6 new End-of-Part Cases on international companies
2 new Closing Cases on the practice of international business
2 new Country Focus analyses
3 new Management Focus articles
1 new Opening Article

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International Business Asia Pacific Edition


The role that the Asia-Pacific played within international business operations was a central component of record levels of growth prior to the global financial crisis. Although business outlooks are currently more uncertain, the Asia-Pacific – and the experience of countries such as China and India – will play a key part in future patterns of world trade and investment.
This book, building upon the success of the seven international and US editions of Charles Hill’s record selling international business textbook, aims to bridge a gap for both students and lecturers in the Asia-Pacific who have been hindered by a dearth of regionally adapted international business texts.
Retaining an emphasis on global economic and financial strategy and operations, this edition has been extensively updated with local examples to illustrate key business issues and the nuances of conducting international business in our region.
This significant new edition involves changes in four main areas: incorporating both the Asia-Pacific and global
elements of International Business
utilising new insights from the most recent scholarly research wherever appropriate
ensuring that text covers all appropriate issues facing international business from an Asia-Pacific perspective
ensuring that the text is as up to date as possible with regard to current events, statistics and examples
Completely new in-chapter case studies have been incorporated in each chapter. For the convenience of instructors and students, all cases are grouped in a stand-alone section at the end of the book.