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An Introduction to Planar Dynamics 4th Edition


This book is intended for students of common engineering taking a fundamental course in mechanics. The material in this book is tailored in a concise manner for teaching the major contents of Dynamics in one semester. Students will be guided in studying the concepts and fundamental principles of Dynamics through the study of planar motion of particles and rigid bodies. Throughout the book, vector is used as a basic mathematical tool. The authors believe that basic training in vector analysis will be of great help to students to understand in depth the concepts and principles in Planar Dynamics. Students will be equipped with the basic knowledge for further study in the broad field of engineering.
A concise volume that provides a good introduction to planar dynamics for undergraduates in mechanical engineering. Uses a vector approach for the formulation of dynamics concepts and solution of problems. This lays the foundation for the study of more advanced subjects such as 3D dynamics, robotics and dynamics of machinery. Challenging kinematic concepts such as centripetal acceleration, Coriolis acceleration, relative motion and rigid body rotation are explained using an intuitive, graphical vector approach. Logical connection of ideas. The hierarchy of the principles and equations in kinematics and kinetics are logically presented in the summary of each chapter. Concept maps showing the organized structure of the key principles and equations are also included. At the end of every chapter, guidelines to solving problems are given, with worked examples to illustrate the logical steps involved.