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Experiential and Active Learning Handbook For Management Principles, Skills and Competencies


Experiential and Active Learning Handbook for Management Principles, Skills and Competencies is targeted to train managerial and leadership skills, with application of knowledge. Focusing on the application of concepts and issues, the handbook facilities deep learning, critical thinking and creating excitement to acquire management skills. the handbook focuses on the development, analytical thinking, multiple framing and practical reasoning. Various activities ranging from case-studies, case-scenarios, problem-based learning activities, mini-games, role-plays, open-ended questions, video cases, research based field work tasks and debate questions are included. Critical and independent thinking is encouraged so that students are inspired to resolve issues on their own. Learning becomes more student-centric rather than teacher-centric. The goal of this handbook is to train students on the soft skills and applied knowledge required for leading and managing and developing reflective and interpersonal skills as future managers. To achieve this, the handbook is designed as a training resource to facilitate more interactive, experiential, dialogue-rich and action-oriented learning.