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Architects and the Law in Singapore

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The architectural profession faces in-built conflicts and contradictions. Balancing the desire to create an outstanding work of architecture and fulfilling the clients’ aspirations and end users’ requirements is a formidable task. The recent trend of Design and Build procurement process can give rise to potential legal issues on the liability of design for fitness of purpose. This book has been specifically written for the Singapore practitioners; the aim is to provide both a legal and practical perspective of the main legal issues confronting architects in their practice today.


Standard Form of Sub-Contracts An Annotation

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Whilst there are a number of books dealing with construction law in Singapore generally, there is a dearth of local legal literature on issues arising in sub-contracts. This book aims to fill the lacuna. It adapts an analytical approach to common issue frequently encountered in sub-contracting with particular emphasis on and treatment of standard form sub-contracts in use in the construction industry. Main contractors and sub-contractors will find the book to be extremely relevant. In particular, given the enlarged role in contract administration now undertaken by main contractors using the 2nd edition of the SIA Sub-Contract Form (1999 edition), main contractors will find the book to be useful source of reference in steering their way through the legal pitfalls of contract administration.