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Costs in International Arbitration

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Costs in International Arbitration, written by two well-known and experienced practitioners, is the first book to focus on the increasingly important and high profile topic of costs in international arbitration. It provides a comprehensive but accessible practical guide to the law relating to all aspects of costs in arbitration proceedings and will be an essential reference for all involved in international arbitration. “An excellent guide to understanding the financial aspects of international arbitration. The authors guide us through the cuisine of this very hermetic and sensitive part of the decision making process. All their recipes are wholesome. The book deals with multicultural aspects and covers the majority of the most important rules of arbitration and practice of major jurisdictions.” Piotr Nowaczyk, Salans, Former President, Court of Arbitration at the Polish Chamber of Commerce “The question of costs is, with no doubt, one of those that generates more interest in the arbitration world. Colin Ong and Michael O┬┤Reilly have addressed this matter with great expertise. Their book will certainly become an essential reading for anyone encountering cost related issues both in commercial and investment arbitration.” Guido Santiago Tawil, M. & M. Bomchil, Chairman, Latin American Arbitration Association “This well-organized comprehensive work on the principles and practicalities of costs in international arbitration will serve as an invaluable reference for practitioners and academics. Colin Ong and Michael O?Reilly are to be congratulated on the publication of their insightful contribution to a better understanding of this fundamental topic.” Sally Harpole, International Arbitrator, Beijing and Hong Kong “The costs phase of arbitration is receiving increasing attention in international arbitration. This is a timely and eminently useful book for counsel and arbitrators alike.” Professor Bernardo Cremades, Partner, B Cremades & Asociados, Madrid