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Water-Quality Engineering in Natural Systems: Fate and Transport Processes in the Water Environment 2nd Edition

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Detailing the fundamental equations that describe the fate and transport of contaminants in the environment, Water-Quality Engineering in Natural Systems covers the practical application of these equations to engineering design and environmental impact analysis relating to contaminant discharges into rivers, lakes, wetlands, ground water, and oceans. This second edition is thoroughly updated to include new topics on nutrient and pathogen models in streams as well as much more coverage of methods to calculate calculating total maximum daily loads (TMDLs). Numerous practical examples and end of chapter problems are included.

About the Author

DAVID A. CHIN, PhD, is Professor of Civil andEnvironmental Engineering at the University of Miami as well as aregistered Professional Engineer. Dr. Chin has publishedextensively, with important contributions on the fate and transportof contaminants in rivers, groundwater, oceans, and watersheds. Hisresearch interests also extend to wetland hydrology and vadose-zonehydrology. Dr. Chin is a recipient of the prestigious CollingwoodPrize awarded by the American Society of Civil Engineers.