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Children′s Thinking: Cognitive Development and Individual Differences Sixth Edition

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Children’s Thinking, 6e is the most comprehensive topical book available in cognitive development. The text presents current, thorough research studies and data throughout. David Bjorklund and Kayla Causey expertly introduce readers to the concept of developmental function, which explains that healthy children can individually vary in their cognition as they develop. This concept is discussed throughout the text within the context of the typical progression of cognitive development through infancy and childhood. In addition, the text includes framework showing that, although some traits are established at birth, children’s development is also shaped by the physical and social environments that surround them throughout their formative years. The sixth edition has been updated to include current and extensive research, sociocultural coverage, evolutionary coverage of memory development, children’s development of prosocial cognition, moral development, and the concept of overimitation.