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Psychology and Work


Psychology and Workis a new textbook for introductory Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychology classes. Written by award-winning I/O professors with experience teaching the course, the book is organized into three main sections. It first includes a brief overview of the history of I/O Psychology and a chapter on research methods, subsequently covers the core principles of Industrial Psychology, and then discusses the key areas of Organizational Psychology. Each chapter covers the implications of issues for organizations, individual workers, and students. The book contains numerous features that highlight key concepts and their relevance to students: Learning goals at the beginning of each chapter direct students to main objectives What Does This Mean for You? and Workplace Application boxes throughout the book address the implications of the material for students Case study boxes with accompanying questions illustrate how concepts are relevant in real world practice Additional reading lists and What Do You Think? questions provide further discussion for each chapter Keywords defined in the margins help students grasp important concepts Sections discussing global and current issues give students a sense of what’s happening in the I/O psychology field The book also has extensive online resources such as interactive features, quizzes, PowerPoint slides, and an instructor’s manual. Accompanied by a dynamic design and a strong set of pedagogical tools,Psychology and Workpresents all-new content and relevant coverage for the I/O psychology course.