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Fundamentals of Light Microscopy and Electronic Imaging 2nd Edition

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This book provides a coherent introduction to the principles and applications of the integrated electron microscope system. It is divided into three sections covering optical principles in diffraction and image formation, basic modes of light microscopy, and components of modern electronic imaging systems and image processing operations. Each chapter introduces relevant theory, followed by descriptions of instrument alignment and image interpretation. This revision includes new chapters on live cell imaging, measurement of protein dynamics, deconvolution microscopy, and interference microscopy.

About the Author

DOUGLAS B. MURPHY supervises core facilities inmicroscopy and histology at the new HHMI Janelia Farm ResearchCampus in Ashburn, Virginia. An Adjunct Professor of Cell Biologyat Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, Dr.Murphy helped establish the School of Medicine Microscope Facilitythere, which he supervised until 2006.
MICHAEL W. DAVIDSON is an assistant scholar/scientistaffiliated with the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and theDepartment of Biological Science at Florida State University wherehe is involved in developing educational websites. His digitalimages and photomicrographs have graced the covers of over 2,000publications.