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Aircraft Instruments and Integrated Systems


This volume provides information on the operating principles and constructional features of the instruments and integrated systems required for flight handling and navigation of aircraft. It also covers the performance monitoring of their relevant power plants. All instruments and systems detailed are representative of those installed in a range of civil aircraft currently in service. The author’s long involvement with instruments and associated systems has made it possible to include some aspects rarely found in books of this nature. It updates and replaces the author’s Longman titles “Aircraft Instruments” and “Microelectronics in Aircraft Systems”. There are schematic diagrams and photographs, many in full colour, with tables and appendices help student reference and the book is written at both basic and intermediate levels with a progressive arrangement of its subject matter making it ideal as a reference volume for aviation training programmes. Essay type exercises and multiple choice questions enable readers to conduct self tests. The book is aimed at HNC / HND level and can also be used as reference reading for professional flight crews. It is designed for those on aircraft maintenance engineer licence courses.