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Programming Interviews Exposed Coding Your Way Through the Interview 4th Edition


The new edition of Programming Interviews Exposed builds on the great track record of previous editions of helping tens of thousands of programmers prepare for the all-important programming interview. The authors bring their more than 15 years experience with this book and readers together with the latest changes in how companies and recruiters approach technical interviews in 2018 and beyond. Updates for this new edition include: How to use Programming Interviews Exposed as your first source and supplement it with online practice and tips Changes in the interview process with more phone screens and screens by non-technical recruiters The use of new technologies and sites such as GitHIB and HackerRank that interviewers and hiring managers will use to evaluate technical candidates Solutions to programming interview programmers in newer and popular programming languages The addition of NoSQL and object databases in the database coverage Looking at problems and questions in the fields of data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning De-emphasize the use of “brain teaser” problems which hiring companies themselves are de-emphasizing as not good predictors of performance and potentially culturally biased