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Managing IT Outsourcing 2nd Edition

Outsourcing is a major international phenomenon in business today. The areas of Information Technology and Management represent a unique case for outsourcing, both in terms of benefits and potential interorganizational problems. This completely revised edition presents the latest theory, research and practice in this fast changing field. With a range of case studies from outsourcing companies across the globe, the book offers a strong grounding in real-world industrial experience and keeps abreast of the most important developments in the field. The book provides expanded coverage of issues such as offshoring, multi-sourcing, business process outsourcing and the spread of offshoring to countries such as China and Russia. Uniquely, this book focuses on both sides of the outsourcing relationship, providing a balanced exploration of the ways in which these partnerships can be managed successfully. Accessible and cutting-edge, the second edition of Managing IT Outsourcing provides an in-depth, practical perspective on this important and far-reaching challenge in information management. It is an ideal text for students, academics and practitioners alike.

About the Author

Erik Beulen is a principle consultant at EquaTerra as well as holding the EquaTerra Global Sourcing chair at Tilburg University, the Netherlands. His research focuses on outsourcing, offshore outsourcing, governance and the management of outsourcing relationships. He has published numerous books and journal articles. Pieter Ribbers is Head of Department and Professor of Information Management at Tilburg University, the Netherlands. His principal research focuses on the business impact of information technology. He has co-authored two books and published papers in a range of journals. Jan Roos is Emeritus Professor of Information Systems at Tilburg University, the Netherlands. His research is concentrated on the outsourcing of IT services and the management of outsourcing relations. He is the author and co-author of several books.

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