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Financial Management: Theory and Practice An Asia Edition


The financial markets have been undergoing dramatic changes in the last five years. The Global Financial Crisis that resulted from the sub prime debacle in the United States, and the sovereign debt crisis across Euroland have elevated Asian economies into prominence globally. Asian economies, both in emerging markets and developed markets are poised for steady and strong growth. An in depth understanding of the nuances and practices in these markets is essential because the operating, legal, regulatory and cultural environments are vastly different from those in the developed markets in Europe and the United States. To this end, this Asia edition of Financial Management : Theory and Practice aims to provide readers with insights into the key issues and cases that are related to the corporate scene in Asia. Key features : Chapters are adapted to explain practices and nuances in Asian markets and corporate sectors different from Europe and the United States. Provides a more international perspective of financing issues that firms in emerging or small economies face. Discusses the differences in regulatory and operating environments in emerging Asia. Showcases successful Asian corporations that have grown substantially over the last decade. Uses Asian cases and examples throughout. Content Part 1 Fundamental Concepts of Corporate Finance Part 2 Fixed Income Securities Part 3 Stocks and Options Part 4 Projects and Their Valuation Part 5 Corporate Valuation and Governance Part 6 Cash Distributions and Capital Structure Part 7 Managing Global Operations Part 8 Tactical Financing Decisions Part 9 Special Topics Part 10 Advanced Issues – Appendixes – Web Chapters