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Microeconomics: Principles and Analysis 2nd Edition

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The only text to provide an accessible and engaging overview of microeconomics without compromising on the technical level.

  • A wealth of examples engage students and make the relevance of microeconomic theory to the real world crystal clear
  • The maths appendix ensures that the technical knowledge students need at an advanced level is accessible to all
  • Covers recent developments in behavioural economics and auctions in chapter 12

New to this edition

  • The in-text examples have been enhanced for this edition: examples are now linked both through a given chapter, so that students can build up their understanding in a gradual way, and throughout the book, so that students can see how the same underlying concept applies in different areas.
  • Thirty new topical examples highlight the relevance of microeconomic theory to real-world scenarios
  • The maths appendix has been re-visited for clarity and accessibility

About the Author(s)

Frank Cowell, Professor of Economics, The London School of Economics

Table of Contents

1: Introduction
2: The Firm
3: The Firm and the Market
4: The Consumer
5: The Consumer and the Market
6: A Simple Economy
7: General Equilibrium
8: Uncertainty and Risk
9: Welfare
10: Strategic Behaviour
11: Information
12: Design
13: Government and the Individual