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Guide to Due Diligence


The subject of Due Diligence is at most confusing for those who have never been involved in such an exercise. The process of verifying information via the mountains of documents and the understanding of the objective of such investigations may be in the least, overwhelming.

This book is an approachable and easy guide to those who find themselves suddenly involved in a Due Diligence exercise as it provides a step-by-step guide on why and how to conduct a Due Diligence exercise has been illustrated simply and informatively.

Key Features

The main feature of this book however would be the Sample Templates, to which the reader can then be inspired to adapt, ranging from:

• Corporate and Statutory Records;

• Material Contracts;

• Insurance;

• Sample Letters to a Legal Firm, Bank or Subsidiary;

• Sample Work Programme;

• Sample Requisition List;

• Sample Due Diligence Report;

• Sample Statutory Declaration; and

• Sample Confidential Agreement

This book is specifically aimed at the Corporate Sector and lawyers who may have to conduct a Due Diligence exercise for the first time.