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Commercial Applications of Company Law in Singapore 5th Edition

Corporate compliance is a legal requirement for all Singapore registered companies. It is a responsibility and matter of concern for accountants, company secretaries, in-house legal advisers, in-house accountants, and lawyers specialising in corporate law practice and corporate litigation.

Since its enactment in 1967, the Singapore Companies Act has undergone many reviews to ensure that the corporate regulatory regime is robust and supports Singapore’s growth as a global hub for businesses and investors.

To keep up-to-date with Singapore’s company law, those responsible for corporate compliance need to have knowledge of company law in Singapore, recent amendments to the Companies Act, as well as understand the effect of key legislative changes introduced in the Companies (Amendment) Bill 2014.

This is where the Commercial Application of Company Law in Singapore, 5th Edition published by Wolters Kluwer, serves a huge purpose to accountants, company secretaries, legal advisers in corporate law practice.

Commercial Application of Company Law in Singapore provides comprehensive working knowledge of the sources, application and impact of company law in Singapore and focuses on the ordinary events and issues faced by companies and their advisers. It further incorporates commentary on recent cases and any amendment to legislation as at 1 July 2015.

The reader is given an overview of the function and structure of companies, the operation of company law, the formation and legal nature of companies and the securities industry. In addition, its instructive content includes Member’s decision-making, powers and duties of directors, reporting and disclosure requirements, share issues and takeovers, and winding up regulations.

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Commercial Applications of Company Law in Singapore 6th Edition

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Commercial Applications of Company Law in Singapore (6th Edition) provides a concise yet comprehensive introduction to the complex area of company law in Singapore. This book gives an up-to-date account of legal developments across the field of company law as it incorporates the most recent and planned amendments to the Companies (Amendment) Act 2017 as at 11 May 2018. Legal principles are discussed using local case law and further clarified via examples and charts, where relevant. The level of detail and topics covered are appropriate for students as well as practitioners.

The reader is given an overview of the operation of company law, the formation and legal nature of companies and the securities industry. Issues such as members’ decision-making process, powers, duties and liabilities of directors, disclosure requirements, shares and take-overs are also well covered.

Key features

• Thorough coverage, well-illustrated and written in a straightforward manner.
• Each chapter has a clear overview of the subject matter and is broken down into headings/parts.
• Case examples discussed to provide a clearer understanding of the law and its application.
• Takes into account the changes made by the Companies (Amendment) Act 2017.

Topics covered include:

  • The Functions and Structure of Companies
  • Company Law
  • Legal nature of companies
  • Business Planning and company formation
  • The company’s constitution
  • Managing companies
  • Member’s decision-making
  • Company meetings
  • Restriction to voting power
  • Company Directors
  • Directors’ Duties
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Consequences of breach of duty
  • Members’ remedies
  • Reporting and disclosure
  • Share capital, shares, and shareholders’ rights
  • Increasing, altering and reducing share capital
  • Debt finance
  • Contracting by companies
  • Corporate liability
  • Corporate Insolvency I & II
  • Securities
  • Takeovers

Commercial Applications of Company Law in Singapore (6th Edition) is an ideal source of reference for both professional and students from the legal, accountancy and business faculties.