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Psychology 6th Edition

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Straightforward and written in a friendly style, James S. Nairne’s PSYCHOLOGY, Sixth Edition, uses a proven problem-solving approach to help you discover how to apply psychology to your everyday life. Dr. Nairne introduces topics by focusing on the “why” behind psychological processes before introducing what they are and how they work. You’ll learn that our brains are filled with psychological “tools” that control everything from emotion to memory, and that each helps us adapt and solve important everyday problems. Nairne describes these tools, shows you how they’re used, and focuses on specific situations in which they are applied. Emphasizing critical thinking and active learning, PSYCHOLOGY, Sixth Edition, provides current, comprehensive, and practical coverage that you can immediately put to good use. Available with InfoTrac (R) Student Collections

About the Author

James S. Nairne is the winner of the 2001 Charles P. Murphy award, a lifetime teaching award at Purdue University, which at the time had not been awarded to a psychologist for over 30 years. This award reflects Nairne’s record of success as a committed teacher and researcher, including the receipt of Purdue’s highest teaching award as well as numerous teaching awards from the psychology department and the School of Liberal Arts. Professor of psychological sciences at Purdue University in Indiana, Nairne received his undergraduate degree at UC-Berkeley and his Ph.D. in psychology from Yale University. He delivered the 2000 G. Stanley Hall address at the APA. He’s an active researcher in cognitive psychology, specializing in human memory, and has published dozens of articles in professional journals. He is associate editor for Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, a past associate editor of the Journal of Human Memory and Language, and has served on numerous editorial boards.