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Evidence and the Litigation Process 5th Edition

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Highly acclaimed in and out of Singapore since it was first published 24 years ago, this work covers all developments since the fourth edition was published in 2013. The preceding five years witnessed a critical phase in the reform of the law of evidence. The amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code in 2010 and the Evidence Act in 2012 expanded the scope of admissibility of evidence, addressed new advances in technology and introduced more flexible measures in the process of adjudication at trial. Many of these developments (which were examined in the fourth edition of this work) have been analysed by the courts. Apart from the statutory reform, the Judiciary have been busy tackling a variety of difficult issues raised by both statutes. As the law continues to evolve, the purpose of this fifth edition is to update and consolidate the law of evidence as it now stands. The book provides a balance between analytical discussion of the principles and the practical application of the law and includes numerous illustrations and practice-related situations for this purpose. It offers the legal profession and students an intensely detailed and integrated portrait of the litigation process (including procedure and advocacy) and is therefore a vital source of reference. The book recognises that this subject is particularly difficult primarily because of the difficulties inherent in the Evidence Act (a significant part of which remains in the state it was enacted in 1893), and the tension between this statute and the constantly developing common law. No effort is spared in tackling these problems and examining all applicable sources of law. This highly successful publication has already sold thousands of copies in the course of the first four editions.