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SIAC Rules

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The title will complement our other titles on Singapore International Arbitration. How arbitration under a particular set of institutional rules operates is often critical to a decision as to whether parties adopt those rules and, if they do what their effect is. This new annotation to the 2013 SIAC Rules, which came into force in April 2013, is compiled and edited by experienced international arbitration practitioners from Brick Court Chambers, one of the leading commercial sets in London. This title provides detailed and very practical guidance to any party considering the adoption of an agreement to arbitrate under the SIAC Rules and any practitioner who is involved in SIAC arbitration under the new Rules. The Foreword, written by Lord Hoffmann, states: “….. The SIAC Rules have also been periodically amended and are now into their Fifth Edition, which came into force on 1 April 2013. Practitioners have to keep up with these changes and the purpose of this commentary on the new Rules is to enable them to do so. I must declare an interest because it has been written by members of Brick Court Chambers, from which I practise. But I think I can nevertheless commend it to anyone concerned with an arbitration under the SIAC Rules in Singapore or elsewhere.”