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Mindchamps Way, The: How to Turn an Idea Into a Global Movement


How do a passion to create an education revolution and the business acumen to fuel rapid and
spectacular global expansion co-exist within one organization?
Find out in The MindChamps Way …
In this book — The MindChamps Way — the author, Joseph Michelli, shares the unique philosophy
and the values-driven strategies of a newer, but equally-exciting organization, whose growing
presence on the world stage has the potential to fundamentally shape the future of 'individuals,
families, communities, countries, and education systems’s across the globe. The book demonstrates
how combining a strong,big-picture; philosophy with a carefully planned and executed business
strategy can inspire its staff, clients and an unlikely range of interested stakeholders. From a bold
idea to an expanding international movement, The MindChamps Way is a powerful story of
initiative; and strategic thinking from which we can all draw important lessons.

Whether you read this book as an entrepreneur, a parent, a teacher or a corporate leader, take the
time to follow the Red Dots throughout the book for ways, to draw inspiration (and develop your
own strategies) from the combination of values, vision and execution which is uniquely The
MindChamps Way.