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Essentials of Corporate Law & Governance in Singapore


Your Practical Handbook to Corporate Law & Governance in Singapore 

The first and only source of practical procedures to corporate law, covering up to and including the most recent changes in October 2017.

Authored by Lan Luh Luh, this title will update through 2018 reflecting subsequent changes to company law procedures.

A high standard of corporate governance is essential to continue building Singapore’s reputation as a regional and global hub for businesses. Over the last decade, Singapore companies made much progress in their corporate governance practices. However, businesses now operate in an increasingly complex environment, with disruptive changes challenging traditional business models. It is of paramount importance for Singapore companies to steadily uplift and improve their own corporate governance practices, not only in letter but also in spirit, in order to stay ahead in this business environment. In the local regulatory landscape, the Singapore Code of Corporate Governance has undergone two major revisions in recent years, in 2005 and 2012. The Companies (Amendment) Act of 2014 and 2017 introduced several new provisions, while the SGX listing rule now requires Singapore-listed companies to publish sustainability reports on a comply-or-explain basis.