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Materials and Manufacturing: An Introduction to How they Work and Why it Matters


A practical guide to materials and manufacturing concepts and applications Written in a straightforward, conversational style, this comprehensive textbook offers a hands-on introduction to materials science and manufacturing techniques. You will explore metallic and nonmetallic materials, their properties and applications, and how products are made from them, including traditional, additive, and advanced manufacturing methods. Materials and Manufacturing: An Introduction to How They Work and Why It Matters starts off by explaining materials science fundamentals and progresses to outline manufacturing processes in the order in which they are often employed. Coverage includes:•Metallic materials and processing•Nonmetallic materials and processing•Practical considerations in materials and manufacturing•Material structure, identification, and application•Compositional and property-based classification•Mechanical, thermal, and environmental concepts•Methods of testing materials•Sawing, broaching, filing, and abrasive machining•Milling, turning, boring, and hole making operations•Cohesive assembly through heat and chemical welding•Mechanical and adhesive assembly and finishing operations•The benefits and roles of additive and advanced manufacturing