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Sheet Metal Meso- and Microforming and Their Industrial Applications

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The book presents a compilation of research on meso/microforming processes, and offers systematic and holistic knowledge for the physical realization of developed processes. It discusses practical applications in fabrication of meso/microscale metallic sheet-metal parts via sheet-metal meso/microforming. In addition, the book provides extensive and informative illustrations, tables, case studies, photos and figures to convey knowledge of sheet-metal meso/microforming for fabrication of meso/microscale sheet-metal products in an illustrated manner. Key Features * Presents complete analysis and discussion of micro sheet metal forming processes * Guides reader across the mechanics, failures, prediction of failures and tooling and prospective applications * Discusses definitions of multi-scaled metal forming, sheet-metal meso/microforming and the challenges in such domains * Includes meso/micro-scaled sheet-metal parts design from a micro-manufacturability perspective, process determination, tooling design, product quality analysis, insurance and control * Covers industrial application and examples