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BackHeat Non-Medicated Heat Relief



How does BackHeat work?

Back pain happens when we use our laptops/computers at the desk over long periods of time. Incorrect sitting posture further results in muscle tension and strains in the back.

Heat therapy is clinically-proven to relieve these pains by relaxing muscle tension in those areas. Heat also dilates the blood vessels, increasing blood flow to the area and allowing more oxygen and nutrients to heal the damaged tissues.

BackHeat uses our proprietary RealHeat technology to produce an optimum level of heat quickly and steadily, so that one can get quick relief while in pain. BackHeat is designed with side flaps so that it is able to span across the contours of your back.

How to use?
1) Tear open packaging, BackHeat will start to heat up within 5-10 mins
2) Peel and paste onto your back or on clothes.
3) Monitor heat at all times. Remove product and rest your skin every hour to prevent low temperature burn.
4) Do not use on skin directly if you have sensitive skin.
5) Do not use while sleeping.


Bundle Set A ( Non Contact Infrared Thermometer Model GD-036 + 3 Ply Face Mask)

$98.00 $95.00

Set come with
1 Non Contact Infrared Thermometer Model GD-036
50 pieces of 3 ply face mask


Bundle Set B (Control D Digital Thermometer + 3 Ply Face Mask)

$35.90 $31.90

Set come with
1  Control D Digital Thermometer
50 pieces of 3 ply face mask

Compassionomics: The Revolutionary Scientific Evidence That Caring Makes a Difference


A 34-year-old man fighting for his life in the Intensive Care Unit is on an artificial respirator for over a month. Could it be that his chance of getting off the respirator is not how much his nurses know, but rather how much they care? A 75-year-old woman is heroically saved by a major trauma center only to be discharged and fatally struck by a car while walking home from the hospital. Could a lack of compassion from the hospital staff have been a factor in her death? Compelling new research shows that health care is in the midst of a compassion crisis.But the pivotal question is this: Does compassion really matter? In Compassionomics: The Revolutionary Scientific Evidence that Caring Makes a Difference, physician scientists Stephen Trzeciak and Anthony Mazzarelli uncover the eye-opening data that compassion could be a wonder drug for the 21st century.Now, for the first time ever, a rigorous review of the science – coupled with captivating stories from the front lines of medicine – demonstrates that human connection in health care matters in astonishing ways. Never before has all the evidence been synthesized together in one place.You will see compelling evidence that: – Compassion has vast benefits for patients across a wide variety of conditions – Missed opportunities for compassion can have devastating health effects – Compassion can help reverse the cost crisis in health care – Compassion can be an antidote for burnout among health care providers – 40 seconds of compassion can save a life After seeing all the evidence, the answer is crystal clear: Compassion matters…in not only meaningful but measurable ways.


Designing Clinical Research 4th Edition

$91.50 $82.00

“This book provides a practical guide to planning, tabulating, formulating, and implementing clinical research, in an easy-to-use, readable presentation”–Provided by publisher.


Disposable Face Mask ( 3 boxes)

$90.00 $65.00

50 pieces X 3 Boxes
3 ply ear loop




Disposable Face Mask 1 Box

$30.00 $23.00

50 pieces X 1 Box
3 ply ear loop


Face Mask Ear Loop (3 ply)


10 pieces per pack


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Medical Statistics Made Easy 3rd Edition

Medical Statistics Made Easy 3e scores 99/100 and 5 stars on Doody’s (Sept 2014)! Here’s what the reviewer said: “This is a practical guide to the use of statistics in medical literature and their application in clinical practice. The numerous examples help make the conceptualization of complex ideas easy. It is a great resource for healthcare students and clinicians in the field.” Medical Statistics Made Easy has been a perennial bestseller since it was first published in 2003 (#1 bestseller in medical statistics on Amazon). It is widely recommend on a variety of courses and programmes, from undergraduate medicine, through to professional medical qualifications. It is a book of key statistics principles for anyone studying or working in medicine and healthcare who needs a basic overview of the subject. Using a consistent format, the authors describe the most common statistical methods in turn and then rate them on how difficult they are to understand and how common they are. The worked examples that demonstrate the statistical method in action have been updated to include current articles from the medical literature and now feature a much wider range of medical journals. This new third edition continues with the same structure as the previous editions and also includes a new section on statistical process controls. From reviews of the second edition: “We would recommend this book as an introduction into medical statistics before plunging into the deep ‘statistical’ waters! It gives confidence to the reader in taking up the challenge of understanding statistics and [being] able to apply knowledge in analysing medical literature.” Stefanie Zhao Lin Lip & Louise Murchison, Scottish Medical Journal, June 2010 “If ever there was a book that completely lived up to its title, this is it… The whole way in which the authors have written this book is commendable; the chapters are succinct, easy to follow and a pleasure to read…Is it value for money? ? a definite yes even at twice the price. Of course I never exaggerate but if you breathe, you should own this book!” Ian Pearce, Urology News, June 2010

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MenstruHeat Non-Medicated Heat Relief


Heat therapy is clinically-proven to relieve menstrual cramps. MenstruHeat is designed to fit ergonomically and quickly emit an optimum level of heat to relax the cramping uterine muscles.

Simply tear open the packaging and once MenstruHeat is exposed to air, it will heat up within 5-10 minutes.

Nin Jiom – Pei Pa Koa (Convenient Pack) 15ml X 10


Brand from Hong Kong: Nin Jiom.

  • Natural Herbs, Loquat & Honey Extracts
  • How to Use:
  • Adult: Aged over 12 : 1 pouch to be taken 3 times a day.
  • Children:
  • Aged 7 – 12 : 2/3 pouch to be taken 3 times a day.
  • Ag… 
  • Or taken according to doctor s advice.
  • Dilute in warm water or swallow slowly the syrup for quick relief.
  • Pack Size – x 10 Brand from Hong Kong: Nin Jiom. Natural Herbs, Loquat & Honey Extracts How to Use: Adult: Aged over 12 : 1 pouch to be taken 3 times a day. Children: Aged 7 – 12 : 2/3 pouch to be taken 3 times a day. Aged 3- 6 : 1/3 pouch t Thank you for shopping on eBay!Item DESCRIPTION Nin Jiom Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa Convenient Pack 10pcs x Expire: 09/2019 or later About the productAll Natural Herbal Sore Throat RemedyScientifically Proven ResultsIt helps to prevent dryness of throat resulting from late night , fatigue due to overwork , excessive smoking and drinking . PAYMENT AND SHIPPING INFOPayment OptionsWe currently accept PayPal.ShippingItem will be shipped within 1-2 business days after clear payment. Always contact us first if any delivery issue exists.Return PolicyIf the items are not as described, we will offer a exchange or PayPal refund. In most cases this will be minus shipping and Ebay fees, although if it was a blatant mistake by us we’ll pick up everything . Bottom line, we want you happy!Customer ServiceU.S. domestic seller. Question will be answered within 24hours. Buy with confidence. div style=”text-align:center”a style=”text-decoration:none” href=”″img src=”” border=”0″/a/div Froo | Froo Cross Sell, Free Cross Sell, Cross promote, eBay Marketing, eBay listing Apps, eBay Apps, eBay Application
    NIN JIOM PEI PA KOA Herbal Dietary Supplement with Honey & Loquat – known popularly in Chinese as “PEI PA KOA” was originated by Nin Jiom of Beijing in the Qing Dynasty. Nin Jiom PEI PA KOA is made of a variety of precious natural herbs and honey. It has been very popular for centuries because of its remarkable effectiveness and pleasant taste. Modern people live life of the fullest. When you work hard and play hard, you need to be sure to maintain your health. Nin Jiom PEI PA KOA can nourish the lungs, balance heat and help keep your skin radiant even when you are up late at night or fatigued due to overwork. It is a guard for health all year round. This product may contain milk, egg, tree nuts, wheat peanuts or soy


Panadol Cold Relief (12 Caplets)


Panadol Cold Relief PE is a non-drowsy formula for fast* and effective relief of cold and flu symptoms.

Each caplet contains:

  • Paracetamol = 500mg
  • Phenylephrine HCI = 5mg

Panadol Cold Relief PE can be used for:

  • Fever
  • Headaches
  • Body aches
  • Stuffy nose


How to use Panadol Cold Relief PE:

Adults and children over 12 years 2 caplets Every 4 to 6 hours as required, do not exceed 8 caplets in 24 hours

Not recommended for children under 12 years

Do not take with any other products containing paracetamol at the same time.

If symptoms persist after 5 days, seek medical advice.

Panadol Cough & Cold (16 Caplets)



How to use Panadol Cold Relief PE:

Adults and children over 12 years 2 caplets Every 4 to 6 hours as required, do not exceed 8 caplets in 24 hours

Not recommended for children under 6 years

Do not take with any other products containing paracetamol at the same time.

If symptoms persist after 5 days, seek medical advice.

Panadol Extend For Muscle & Joint Pain (18 Caplets)


What is Panadol Extend used for?

  • Panadol Extend is used to give long lasting relief of pain associated with osteoarthritis, backaches, mild to moderate joint pains and muscular aches such as sprains, strains and sports injuries. Also suitable for headache and migraine.

What does Panadol Extend contain?

  • Each sustained release caplet contains paracetamol 665mg. Each caplet is specially formulated to control the release of paracetamol to give fast yet long lasting relief.

How to take Panadol Extend?

  • Adults, elderly and children of 12 years and older – Take 2 caplets every 6 hours (maximum 6 caplets in 24 hours). Do not chew or crush caplets. Not suitable for children below 12 years. This preparation contains paracetamol, do not take any other medicine containing paracetamol at the same time.


Panadol Extend should not be taken if you are allergic to paracetamol.

Panadol Extra With Optizorb (20 Caplets)


Panadol Extra with Optizorb helps to provide stronger pain relief as compared to standard paracetamol alone. Containing the same active ingredients as Panadol Extra but using a new disintegrant technology, Panadol Extra with Optizorb provides fast*, suitable, effective relief of tough pain, while being gentle on the stomach.

Each caplet contains:

  • Paracetamol = 500mg
  • Caffeine=  65mg

Panadol Extra with Optizorb can be used for:

  • Bad headaches
  • Backaches
  • Toothaches

Panadol Extra with Optizorb dissolves quickly (in the stomach) and leaves the body naturally**. It is suitable for most of the family.

* Individual response varies.
** Residues leave the body after taking effect when taken in accordance to the dosage instructions on the product label.
Individual response varies. If symptoms persist, please consult a healthcare professional.

ALWAYS READ THE LABEL. Use only as directed. Incorrect use could be harmful. Consult your doctor if symptoms persist.

Panadol Menstrual (20 Caplets)

  • Suitable for fast and effective relief of period pain, bloatedness, water weight gain and discomforts.
  • Gentle on stomach.

Panadol With Optizorb (20 Caplets)


Panadol Caplets with OPTIZORB formulation is a smart choice. It starts to break down in just 7 minutes, to be absorbed 25% faster than regular Panadol Tablets, whilst being effective on pain and still gentle on stomachs.

Instructions for use:
12 years – Adult : 1-2 caplets every 4-6 hours with water as required (maximum 8 Caplets in 24 hours).
7 – 12 years :  ½-1 caplet every 4-6 hours with water as required (maximum 4 Caplets in 24 hours)
ALWAYS READ THE LABEL. Use only as directed. For the temporary relief of pain and fever. Incorrect use could be harmful. Consult your healthcare professional if symptoms persist.

Po Chai Pills (10 bottles)

  • Po Chai Pills
  • For relief of nausea and vomiting
  • Alleviates acute gastric conditions
  • Provides localized medication to affected areas
  • Utilizes traditional chinese medicine and herbs
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Radiographic Image Analysis 4th Edition

This comprehensive guide provides all the tools you need to accurately evaluate radiographic images and make the adjustments needed to acquire the best possible diagnostic quality images. You’ll discover how to evaluate an image, identify any improper positioning or techniques that caused poor quality, and correct the problem. No other text is devoted to equipping you with the critical thinking skills needed to properly position patients for optimal radiographs and help minimize the need for repeat images. Chapter outlines give you an at-a-glance summary of chapter content Labeled images with analysis and correction help you develop your skills for producing optimal images, thus reducing the need for repeat procedures Student workbook provides additional opportunities to apply what you’ve learned in the text Expanded digital radiography content includes advances in digital imaging to keep you up-to-date in the field Chapter objectives help you master key content Quick reference tables highlight significant information More bone photographic images better illustrate difficult-to-evaluate procedures More pediatric and trauma images improve your ability to produce optimal images of different procedures

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