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BackHeat Non-Medicated Heat Relief



How does BackHeat work?

Back pain happens when we use our laptops/computers at the desk over long periods of time. Incorrect sitting posture further results in muscle tension and strains in the back.

Heat therapy is clinically-proven to relieve these pains by relaxing muscle tension in those areas. Heat also dilates the blood vessels, increasing blood flow to the area and allowing more oxygen and nutrients to heal the damaged tissues.

BackHeat uses our proprietary RealHeat technology to produce an optimum level of heat quickly and steadily, so that one can get quick relief while in pain. BackHeat is designed with side flaps so that it is able to span across the contours of your back.

How to use?
1) Tear open packaging, BackHeat will start to heat up within 5-10 mins
2) Peel and paste onto your back or on clothes.
3) Monitor heat at all times. Remove product and rest your skin every hour to prevent low temperature burn.
4) Do not use on skin directly if you have sensitive skin.
5) Do not use while sleeping.


Bundle Set A ( Non Contact Infrared Thermometer Model GD-036 + 3 Ply Face Mask)

$98.00 $95.00

Set come with
1 Non Contact Infrared Thermometer Model GD-036
50 pieces of 3 ply face mask


Bundle Set B (Control D Digital Thermometer + 3 Ply Face Mask)

$35.90 $31.90

Set come with
1  Control D Digital Thermometer
50 pieces of 3 ply face mask


Disposable Face Mask ( 3 boxes)

$90.00 $65.00

50 pieces X 3 Boxes
3 ply ear loop




Disposable Face Mask 1 Box

$30.00 $23.00

50 pieces X 1 Box
3 ply ear loop


Face Mask Ear Loop (3 ply)


10 pieces per pack


MenstruHeat Non-Medicated Heat Relief


Heat therapy is clinically-proven to relieve menstrual cramps. MenstruHeat is designed to fit ergonomically and quickly emit an optimum level of heat to relax the cramping uterine muscles.

Simply tear open the packaging and once MenstruHeat is exposed to air, it will heat up within 5-10 minutes.