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When China Meets the World: Bilingual Business-Finance Cases


The contest in the Chinese market between Taobao and the American ecommerce giant eBay marked an important milestone in the history of Alibaba’s early development and serves as a classic in business case studies. My thanks to Professor Zhihong Chen for her narration and analysis of this case and for making it the first chapter of the book. Her Chinese-English bilingual presentation makes this case accessible to readers all over the world. It is with great pleasure that I strongly recommend this book. — Jack Ma Founder and Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group

This is a wonderful collection of cases, documenting Chinese companies’ encounters with the world and the experience of foreigners doing business in China. It is a highly instructive book for anyone who wants to understand Chinese business both at home and abroad. And publishing it bilingually gives a further opportunity for both Chinese and foreigners to acquire language skills while grasping the essentials of business in China. — OA Westad ST Lee Professor of US-Asia Relations, Harvard University

I took Professor Zhihong Chen’s Business Chinese and Culture course at Cornell University in 2006 and still remember her class vividly after so many years as she was an extraordinarily dedicated and creative professor. The Chinese language and business knowledge I learned from her class has had a big impact on my career development after graduation. I highly recommend this book as it shows a culmination of her teaching and research accomplishments over a decade. — Meng Xiong Kuok VP of Shangri-La

“Due to the many changes over the past two decades, the bilingual courses I now teach at Cornell University and NYU Shanghai differ greatly from the Business Chinese courses I taught at the beginning of my teaching career. Although language instruction is still important, the business component — often informed by knowledge of history and culture — has become central to the course. This book is the culmination of my collection, selection, and editing of video materials over a decade. It reflects a combination of my teaching experiences at three universities and continual deliberation and revision.”

“Forty years have passed since China started down the road of reform and opening-up. Although many of the trials and tribulations that China has experienced in the past four decades are far beyond the scope of this small book, all of the cases introduced here touch upon important historical aspects and demonstrate different perspectives when “China met the world.” My hope is that readers of this book will appreciate the exciting and critical moments when China changed the world and the world changed China, so as to be intellectually more ready to envision the larger challenges that China will inevitably face when it continuously “meets the world.” I also hope that the readers all over the world will gain a deeper understanding of Chinese language, history, and business culture through the bilingual resources that follow.”

Author Introduction
Zhihong Chen is a Research Professor at NYU Shanghai. She is currently holding professorships at both NYU Shanghai and Cornell University. She joined Cornell in 2005 and NYUSH in 2014. She also was Senior Research Fellow at London School of Economics and taught at University of Virginia in 2001-2005. She was trained in three countries and in three different fields: She received her BA in German language and literature from Beijing Foreign Language College, and her first MA in International Studies from Beijing Normal University. She then received her second MA and Dr. Phil. in International History and Sinology from Cologne University in Germany. She also completed an MS. Ed in College Teaching at SIU in the US.

Her current teaching duties fall in two areas: 1) “Chinese Business and Finance: A Bilingual Introduction” aims to help students develop oral, written and socio-linguistic skills they will need to function successfully in their future business careers. 2) “Reading and Viewing Modern China: A Bilingual and Multimedia Introduction” is designed to help undergraduate students use Chinese and English to conduct research on topics of modern Chinese history.


Singapore 1819 A Living Legacy

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The story of modern Singapore as told through its living heritage is encapsulated in this handsome book, published to coincide with the 200th anniversary of Singapore’s founding as a city-state. Today’s vibrant, cosmopolitan country developed a singular identity through the many colourful `ingredients’ outlined in this book. Starting with the founding of modern Singapore by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, we review the many events, people, artefacts, legends and lifestyles pre- and post-1819 that contributed to make Singapore the unique city it is today. This is the first book to encompass all aspects of Singaporean heritage, be it sociological, environmental or man-made. Historic personages, monuments, architecture and the arts, cultures and traditions, and flora and fauna are all covered in their many facets. The book showcases how much of 1800s and early 1900s Singapore remains today, thereby presenting a lesser-known side to the city-state – one that is surprisingly historic and richly evocative, a different face to a place more often associated with a stark modernity. Insightful, lively texts by museum director and heritage expert, Kennie Ting, are accompanied by archival images, contemporary photographs, maps and more, to present a comprehensive picture of the city-state – past and present.

Pretext for Mass Murder: The September 30th Movement and Suharto’s Coup d’Etat in Indonesia


In the early morning hours of October 1, 1965, a group calling itself the September 30th Movement kidnapped and executed six generals of the Indonesian army, including its highest commander. The group claimed that it was attempting to preempt a coup, but it was quickly defeated as the senior surviving general, Haji Mohammad Suharto, drove the movement’s partisans out of Jakarta. Riding the crest of mass violence, Suharto blamed the Communist Party of Indonesia for masterminding the movement and used the emergency as a pretext for gradually eroding President Sukarno’s powers and installing himself as a ruler. Imprisoning and killing hundreds of thousands of alleged communists over the next year, Suharto remade the events of October 1, 1965 into the central event of modern Indonesian history and the cornerstone of his thirty-two-year dictatorship. Despite its importance as a trigger for one of the twentieth century’s worst cases of mass violence, the September 30th Movement has remained shrouded in uncertainty. Who actually masterminded it? What did they hope to achieve? Why did they fail so miserably? And what was the movement’s connection to international Cold War politics? In Pretext for Mass Murder, John Roosa draws on a wealth of new primary source material to suggest a solution to the mystery behind the movement and the enabling myth of Suharto’s repressive regime. His book is a remarkable feat of historical investigation. Finalist, Social Sciences Book Award, the International Convention of Asian Scholars


Arc of Empire: America’s Wars in Asia from the Philippines to Vietnam

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Although conventionally treated as separate, America’s four wars in Asia were actually phases in a sustained U.S. bid for regional dominance, according to Michael H. Hunt and Steven I. Levine. This effort unfolded as an imperial project in which military power and the imposition of America’s political will were crucial. Devoting equal attention to Asian and American perspectives, the authors follow the long arc of conflict across seventy-five years from the Philippines through Japan and Korea to Vietnam, tracing along the way American ambition, ascendance, and ultimate defeat. They show how these wars are etched deeply in eastern Asia’s politics and culture. The authors encourage readers to confront the imperial pattern in U.S. history with implications for today’s Middle Eastern conflicts. They also offer a deeper understanding of China’s rise and Asia’s place in today’s world. For instructors: An Online Instructor’s Manual is available, with teaching tips for using Arc of Empire in graduate and undergraduate courses on America’s wars in Asia. It includes lecture topics, chronologies, and sample discussion questions.


A History of Science in Society: From Philosophy to Utility 3rd Edition

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“An update of the popular overview, A History of Science in Society traces the development of scientific thought throughout the ages. Beginning with the philosophy of the Ancient Greeks and Romans and proceeding through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and through to the present-day, the book presents key developments in scientific thought and theory. The new edition includes more material on non-Western science; new material on ethics, climate change, and corporate science in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries; more than 90 illustrations; updated timelines; and study questions designed to guide students.”–

Studying Singapore Before 1800


Historians rely on Singapore’s strategic position to explain its great success as a royal trading port in the 14th century, and as a British colony after 1819. What, then, accounts for the many centuries when it seemed not to thrive, and was seen in the words of John Crawfurd as “only the occasional resort of pirates”? This seeming paradox sits uneasily at the heart of Singapore historiography, and over time historians have suggested a variety of ways to resolve it. This volume collects studies about Singapore before 1800, bringing together different efforts across the 20th century at reconstructing Singapore’s “missing years”. Some authors have found additional details by scouring ancient and early modern texts for references to Singapore, and by reading well-known classics such as the Sejarah Melayu against the grain. Others have built narratives that bridge preand post-1800 perspectives by positioning Singapore within long-term global history. These efforts have yielded a much richer understanding of Singapore’s changing fortunes before 1800. The articles collected in this volume represent key milestones in this effort. Many are hard to locate, and two pieces are translated from Dutch to English for the first time. They are presented here with an introduction from historian Kwa Chong Guan.

The Ghosts of K2


K2 is almost 800ft shorter than Everest, yet it’s a far harder climb. Many great mountaineers became obsessed with reaching its summit, not all of them lived to tell of their adventures. Capturing the depth of their obsession, the heart-stopping tension of the climb and delving into the controversy that still surrounds the first ascent, Mick Conefrey delivers the definitive account of the `Savage Mountain’. From drug-addicted occultist Aleister Crowley to the brilliant but tortured expedition leader Charlie Houston and, later, the Italian duo who finally made it to the top, Conefrey resurrects the tragic heroes, eccentric dreamers and uncompromising rivalries forever instilled in K2’s legacy. This is the riveting, groundbreaking story of the world’s deadliest mountain.


Accounting for Oneself: Worth, Status, and the Social Order in Early Modern England

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Worth, Status, and the Social Order in Early Modern England is a major new study of the social order in early modern England, as viewed and articulated from the bottom up. Engaging with how people from across the social spectrum placed themselves within the social order, it pieces together the language of self-description deployed by over 13,500 witnesses in English courts when answering questions designed to assess their creditworthiness. Spanning the period between 1550 and 1728, and with a broad geographical coverage, this study explores how men and women accounted for their ‘worth’ and described what they did for a living at differing points in the life-cycle. A corrective to top-down, male-centric accounts of the social order penned by elite observers, the perspective from below testifies to an intricate hierarchy based on sophisticated forms of social reckoning that were articulated throughout the social scale. A culture of appraisal was central to the competitive processes whereby people judged their own and others’ social positions. For the majority it was not land that was the yardstick of status but moveable property-the goods and chattels in people’s possession ranging from livestock to linens, tools to trading goods, tables to tubs, clothes to cushions. Such items were repositories of wealth and the security for the credit on which the bulk of early modern exchange depended. Worth, Status, and the Social Order in Early Modern England also sheds new light on women’s relationship to property, on gendered divisions of labour, and on early modern understandings of work which were linked as much to having as to getting a living. The view from below was not unchanging, but bears witness to the profound impact of widening social inequality that opened up a chasm between the middle ranks and the labouring poor between the mid-sixteenth and mid-seventeenth centuries. As a result, not only was the social hierarchy distorted beyond recognition, from the later-seventeenth century there was also a gradual yet fundamental reworking of the criteria informing the calculus of esteem. –Provided by publisher.’



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The 2,500 year story of democracy: how it has survived, how it has been practised, and how it has been imagined, from ancient Greece to the twenty-first century.


Creators, Conquerors, and Citizens: A History of Ancient Greece

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A fascinating, accessible, and up-to-date history of the Ancient Greeks. Covering the Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic periods, and centred around the disunity of the Greeks, their underlying cultural unity, and their eventual political unification.

Resurgent Indonesia: From Crisis to Confidence


In 1998, wracked by financial turmoil and political upheaval, Indonesia seemed like a country on the brink of collapse. Yet it has more than turned its fortunes around.

Resurgent Indonesia – From Crisis to Confidence is the gripping inside account of Indonesia’s steep decline after the Asian financial crisis and its improbable recovery and rise in the ensuing two decades.

Giving readers a unique insight into Indonesia’s journey is former journalist Vasuki Shastry, who covered the tumultuous fall of Suharto for The Business Times and continued to work on matters related to Indonesia at the International Monetary Fund. Blending first-rate journalism with in-depth research, the book charts the country’s difficult journey from a failing state to a confident young democracy and a fast-growing economy.

[Contents] Prelude to a Crisis 1.Introduction 2.The Gathering Storm Five Stages of a Crisis 3.Denial 4.Bargaining 5.Depression 6.Anger 7.Acceptance Rise from the Ashes 8.Chindonesia 9.The Asean Way 10.Jokowi Juggernaut 11.Archipelago of Possibility

[About the Author] Vasuki Shastry was a well-known business and economics journalist in India, Singapore, and Indonesia before joining the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 1998. His last assignment as a journalist was in Jakarta, where he was bureau chief of The Business Times between 1996 and 1998, covering the Asian financial crisis and the fall of President Suharto. He worked extensively on Indonesia during his stint at the IMF, starting as Asia Pacific spokesperson and in other roles.