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2014 Annual Competitiveness Analysis and Development Strategies for Indonesian Provinces

This book is a world-class report by the Asia Competitiveness Institute, updated annually to analyse Indonesia’s competitiveness at the provincial level. With 104 indicators covering four environments, the study’s unique methodology incorporates comparative strengths and weaknesses. Apart from scores and rankings, what-if policy simulations offer various provinces practical prescriptions to improve overall competitiveness to accelerate economic growth and development in a balanced, fair and sustainable way. Such qualitative and quantitative analyses in collaboration with various stakeholders generate an exciting pathway for Indonesia to attain its rightful place in both the Asian region and global contexts.

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23/7: Pelican Bay Prison and the Rise of Long-Term Solitary Confinement

Originally meant to be brief and exceptional, solitary confinement in U.S. prisons has become long-term and common. Prisoners spend twenty-three hours a day in featureless cells, with no visitors or human contact for years on end, and they are held entirely at administrators’ discretion. Keramet Reiter tells the history of one “supermax,” California’s Pelican Bay State Prison, whose extreme conditions recently sparked a statewide hunger strike by 30,000 prisoners. This book describes how Pelican Bay was created without legislative oversight, in fearful response to 1970s radicals; how easily prisoners slip into solitary; and the mental havoc and social costs of years and decades in isolation. The product of fifteen years of research in and about prisons, this book provides essential background to a subject now drawing national attention.

About the Author

Keramet Reiter, an assistant professor in the Department of Criminology, Law and Society and at the School of Law at the University of California, Irvine, has been an advocate at Human Rights Watch and testified about the impacts of solitary confinement before state and federal legislators. She lives in Los Angeles, CA.

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50 Years of Engineering in Singapore


An underpinning force in Singapore’s remarkable 50-year transformation into a sophisticated world-class city, engineering has contributed significantly to the nation’s economic, infrastructural and social developments.A joint publication by The Institution of Engineers, Singapore, and World Scientific Publishing, to celebrate Singapore’s 50th birthday, 50 Years of Engineering in Singapore brings to life the extraordinary engineering feats across multiple disciplines and tells the stories of these exceptional engineers who, with their determinations and courage, turned the little red dot into a jewel of a city. A vibrant record of engineering excellence, the publication traces the goliath challenges impeding the nation’s growth over the past five decades, and the engineering innovations that brought about wealth creation, higher standards of living, and enhanced liveability.This compendium covers air and sea hub; manufacturing in the areas of electronics, precision engineering, chemical and pharmaceutical/bio-medical engineering; housing/cities/infrastructure and land use (reclamation and underground); transportation (ERP system, MRT and LRT, roads and buses system); water management and engineering; energy (supply and maintenance); and telecommunications, ICT and software.

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50 Years of Social Issues in Singapore

The social context of Singapore is changing rapidly, and understanding how people think, feel and behave in various situations has become a key driver of effectiveness in addressing social issues. 50 Years of Social Issues in Singapore provides a comprehensive review and examination of various social issues at multiple levels of analysis including the individual, group and society.This invaluable book adopts a translational approach to social issues in Singapore by explicitly bridging intellectual and practical perspectives. Contributed by a distinguished team of authors, the chapters examine the critical ideas underlying public debates of social issues and their policy and practical implications.The book is organized into three parts. Part I examines issues of population and social fundamentals in Singapore such as ageing, marriage, urban planning, healthcare and racial and religious harmony. Part II analyses Singapore’s social progress through issues of inclusivity such as social mobility, developing communities and marginal groups that deserve more attention. Part III focuses on core principles and social processes related to social justice, doing good, social media and approaches to understanding and addressing social issues in Singapore.Most importantly, the chapters in this book clearly identify many of the critical, unresolved and emerging questions on various social issues that will guide the next generation of public discussion and policy deliberations on what matter in Singapore.

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50 Years of Urban Planning in Singapore

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A Crisis of Leadership and the Role of Citizens in Black America: Leaders of the New School

This book investigates the role, duties, and obligations of leaders and citizens through examining post-Civil Rights Black leaders and the patterns of behavior within the African American community. The major themes of this book include the significance of service, sacrifice, and commitment to the common good as the core characteristics of effective leadership and models of citizenship.

About the Author

Stephen C.W. Graves is instructor specializing in political theory, Black politics, and American government in the Department of Social Science at Mt. Hood Community College.

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A First Look at the Malaysian Legal System

A First Look at the Malaysian Legal is a textbook for undergraduate law students studying this subject. This book can also be used by business, banking, finance and economics students taking law as a subject. This book is divided into four parts where Part One unfolds Malaysia’s legal history which is crucial to the understanding of the primacy of common law tradition in Malaysia’s national legal system. Part Two explains the legal rules to which Malaysian courts refer to, and apply in resolving disputes. In this part, for example, the chapter on sources of Malaysian Law explain how these rules came into being or in the case of customary laws, how they survived British colonization and the introduction of English Law and how they are interpreted, applied and developed. Part Three focuses on the primary institutions, that is, the courts as well as personnel of the law. Part Four outlines the trial process, both civil and criminal, and the schemes for granting legal aid which strive to make the courts accessible to all, regardless of financial means.
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A Guide to the SIAC Arbitration Rules

This is the first text to provide a comprehensive rule-by-rule examination of the inception, interpretation and application of the SIAC Rules, written by practitioners with extensive experience in South East Asia arbitrations, and with the benefit of insights from the SIAC Secretariat. It is practical and strategic in approach, considering how each rule features in the context of the realities that practitioners face, while a complementary thematic analysis brings out connections between the rules and those of other institutions. The work benefits from the access to the travaux preparatoires of the 2010 Arbitration Rules Drafting Committee, giving them insight into the purposive thinking behind the amendments, as well as access to SIAC published awards and the views of the SIAC Secretariat. The book begins with an introduction to Singapore arbitration, both practical and legal, and is followed by an overview of SIAC arbitration, including a flowchart of the different stages of a typical case. The corporate structure of SIAC is explained. Every rule is then examined in detail on a thematic basis, starting with the commencement of an arbitration and working up to and including the rendering of an award and the determination of costs. The book concludes with chapters dedicated to SIAC domestic arbitrations and ad hoc cases which are administered by SIAC. Relevant supporting documents are appended, including SIAC Practice Notes and the SIAC Code of Ethics for Arbitrators. No aspect of SIAC arbitration is left uncovered. The book stands alone as a comprehensive exposition of SIAC arbitration.

About the Author

John Choong is a partner in Freshfields’ international arbitration group, and has had many years of experience dealing with disputes and arbitrations covering much of Asia (including Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, India, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, and China). He has practised arbitration in both Singapore and Hong Kong, and has been involved in many Singapore arbitrations, including those under the SIAC Rules and the SIAC Domestic Arbitration Rules. John is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators, and has been listed as a leading individual for dispute resolution in Chambers Global. He is admitted in Singapore, Hong Kong and England and Wales, and is a Singapore country rapporteur for the ICC Task Force on the New York Convention. He has published with OUP, Kluwer, Juris, Sweet & Maxwell, and others.

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A Historical Political Economy of Capitalism: After metaphysics

In order to understand the resilience of capitalism as a mode of production, social organization, and an intellectual system, it is necessary to explore its intellectual development and underlying structure. A Historical Political Economy of Capitalism argues that capitalism is based on a dominant intellectuality: a metaphysics. It proposes the construction of a history-based ‘critique of political economy’, capable of revealing the poverty of capitalism’s intellectual logic and of its application in practice. This involves a reconsideration of several classical thinkers, including Smith, Marx, Berkeley, Locke, Hobbes, Hume and Rousseau. It also sketches an emancipative methodology of analysis, aiming to expose any metaphysics, capitalist or none. In doing so, this book proposes a completely new approach in materialist philosophy. The new methodology in political economy that is proposed in this volume is an alternative way to organize a materialist approach. Some basic aspects of what is argued by the author can be found in Marx. This book is well suited for those who study political economy and economic theory and philosophy, as well as those who are interested in Marxism.

About the Author

Andrea Micocci is Professore Straordinario of Political Economy, Link Campus University, Rome, Italy.

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A History of Law and Lawyers in the GATT/WTO: The Development of the Rule of Law in the Multilateral Trading System

How did a treaty that emerged in the aftermath of the Second World War, and barely survived its early years, evolve into one of the most influential organisations in international law? This unique book brings together original contributions from an unprecedented number of eminent current and former GATT and WTO staff members, including many current and former Appellate Body members, to trace the history of law and lawyers in the GATT/WTO and explore how the nature of legal work has evolved over the institution’s sixty-year history. In doing so, it paints a fascinating portrait of the development of the rule of law in the multilateral trading system, and allows some of the most important personalities in GATT and WTO history to share their stories and reflect on the WTO’s remarkable journey from a ‘provisionally applied treaty’ to an international organisation defined by its commitment to the rule of law.

About the Author

Gabrielle Marceau is a counsellor in the Legal Affairs Division of the WTO Secretariat. Her main function is to advise panellists in WTO disputes, the Director-General’s Office, the Secretariat and WTO members on WTO-related matters. Dr Marceau is also Associate Professor at the Law Faculty of the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and has published extensively on WTO matters.

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A New History of Social Welfar 7th Edition

A look at the evolution of social welfare

  A New History of Social Welfare looks at the evolution of social welfare from early human history to the present day. The text demonstrates the institution’s social control elements as well as those intended to help the disadvantaged.

Learning Goals

Upon completing this book, readers will be able to:

  • Understand the history of social welfare
  • See how historical trends, problems and programs relate to current social welfare issues
  • Understand the evolution of conflicting social values
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A Practical Guide to Company Secretarial Obligations in Singapore


A Practical Guide to Company Secretarial Obligations in Singapore incorporates the latest amendments to the Companies Act (Cap 50) as at 14 September 2016. It is designed as a succinct and practical guide to the main duties and responsibilities of a company secretary under the Companies Act.

Company secretaries, company directors and professionals in corporate secretarial services will find this go-to manual an efficient resource in their everyday work.

Key Features & Benefits
Include all the relevant and latest provisions relating to amendments to the Companies Act. Other relevant company law provisions, case law and other important information, including the Securities and Futures Act, SGX Listing Rules, Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and the Code of Corporate Governance are referred to, as well.
Describes and explains the company secretarial practices involved in executing the law.
Directors will benefit as they know what their responsibilities are, the extent and limitations of their powers and their liabilities for failure to comply/act accordingly.
A reliable reference for both experienced company secretaries as well as new company secretaries to quickly acquire a solid understanding of their roles and responsibilities.
A one-stop, practical guide to company secretarial practice in Singapore
Contains guidelines, procedures and case references on the vital issues pertaining to the interpretation of company law by the courts.

Topics Covered
Overview of companies
Company’s constitution
Company’s shares
Officers of the company
Duties and liabilities of directors and company secretaries
Company registers
Shareholders and meetings
Minority protection
Accounts and audit
Borrowing and receivership
Winding up
Regulatory obligations of listed companies
Take-overs and Amalgamations
Corporate Restructuring
** Please note that a Toolkit comprising sample resolutions and documents related to the commentary is included in the eBook. The Toolkit is not available for print book.

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A Practical Guide to Singapore Data Protection Law

The Personal Data Protection Act 2012 establishes a new data protection legal framework in Singapore. The new data protection law aims to protect personal data of individuals, while maintaining the needs of private organisations to collect and use such data for legitimate and reasonable purposes. This book will introduce you to the PDPA and provide general guidance on complying with the Act. Written in plain English, the book summarises the new legislation and offers practical tips to make compliance with the legal requirements easier. It provides key insights and guidance, by looking at the typical life cycle of personal data processed in any private organisation, from the collection, storage and use to disposal of the personal data. This concise and practical guide will be essential reading for anyone who needs to know about data protection issues in Singapore. Adopting a practical approach to explaining the new data protection law and its implications for local and international businesses, this book will provide in-house lawyers, businesses and their staff with a head start in understanding the data protection legal framework and devising an effective compliance strategy.

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A Practitioner’S Guide to Directors’ Duties and Responsibilities 5th Edition

A Practitioner’s Guide to Directors’ Duties and Responsibilities provides practical advice and guidance on the many and varied responsibilities of directors.

The new 5th edition:

  • Explains the legal obligations of directors
  • Covers the appointment of directors, services contracts, remuneration and vacation of office
  • Sets out directors’ duties
  • Assesses potential liabilities
  • Deals with fair dealing and share dealing and connected persons
  • Goes through directors’ powers and proceedings
  • Tackles both directors facing disputes and insolvency
  • Looks at regulatory investigations and disqualification of others
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A Practitioner’s Guide to Financial Services Investigations and Enforcement

A Practitioner’s Guide to Financial Services Investigations and Enforcement :

  • Deals  with the establishment of the UK’s new regulatory regime and the advent of the FCA as the main financial services enforcement body
  • Gives a detailed understanding of the changes that the regulatory restructure has brought about
  • Helps firms to adapt to the new regime and understand the changes to the relationships they have with  regulatory bodies
  • Provides a guide to dealing with investigations in a way that promotes the best interests of the firm or individual concerned whilst complying with regulatory requirements.
  • Structured to deal with all the potential elements of an action in a logical order, and gives both the necessary procedural advice and strategic guidance
  • Updated to cover the latest changes resulting from EU level developments including the Market Abuse Directive review
  • Includes an introductory chapter from the Director of Enforcement at the Financial Conduct Authority
  • Explains how civil and criminal processes interact
  • Gives detailed coverage of all the enforcement options available
  • Includes details of all important cases since last edition
  • Fully revised to cover all the regulatory infrastructure changes in the UK and at the European level
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A Practitioners Guide to the Regulation of Market Abuse

A Practitioner’s Guide to Market Abuse covers all aspects of the law and regulation relating to market abuse in the UK. The focus of the book is to explain how the market abuse regime operates in practice. After an initial introductory chapter familiarising readers with the legislative framework and key concepts, it goes on to examine the practical impact of the regime in a range of different business contexts.

  • Explains the key aspects of the UK Market Conduct Regulations
  • Covers the scope of the UK regime, and explains when it applies
  • Discusses what constitutes a misleading statement
  • Explains when trading is considered misleading or a distortion of the market
  • Covers tipping and insider trading
  • Shows how the market abuse regime applies in primary markets
  • Deals with market abuse and listed companies and in M&A transactions
  • Covers commodities futures trading
  • Looks at how the market abuse regime applies to the fund management industry
  • Covers the review of the Market Abuse Directive and its implications
  • Discusses the UK’s new regulatory infrastructure including the transition from the FSA to the PRA and FCA
  • Looks in-depth at EU level regulatory structure changes and how they affect Market Abuse regulation in the UK
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A Treatise on Singapore Constitutional Law

This treatise explores how constitutional law operates within the context of a non-liberal, secular constitutional democracy, within a religiously and racially diverse social setting. This book is concerned with both theory and doctrine, with explaining the black letter rules of constitutional practice and their underlying rationales, as well as critically examining how they work in practice. It seeks to draw out the broader significance of legal rules by identifying their underlying legal philosophy and engages the normative, conceptual and empirical dimensions of constitutional law, to present a thorough study of the law in Singapore. This book addresses both what the state of the law “is”, and evaluates this against what it “ought” to be or to aspire towards

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A Virtue for Courageous Minds: Moderation in French Political Thought, 1748-1830

Political moderation is the touchstone of democracy, which could not function without compromise and bargaining, yet it is one of the most understudied concepts in political theory. How can we explain this striking paradox? Why do we often underestimate the virtue of moderation? Seeking to answer these questions, A Virtue for Courageous Minds examines moderation in modern French political thought and sheds light on the French Revolution and its legacy. Aurelian Craiutu begins with classical thinkers who extolled the virtues of a moderate approach to politics, such as Aristotle and Cicero. He then shows how Montesquieu inaugurated the modern rebirth of this tradition by laying the intellectual foundations for moderate government. Craiutu looks at important figures such as Jacques Necker, Madame de Stael, and Benjamin Constant, not only in the context of revolutionary France but throughout Europe. He traces how moderation evolves from an individual moral virtue into a set of institutional arrangements calculated to protect individual liberty, and he explores the deep affinity between political moderation and constitutional complexity. Craiutu demonstrates how moderation navigates between political extremes, and he challenges the common notion that moderation is an essentially conservative virtue, stressing instead its eclectic nature. Drawing on a broad range of writings in political theory, the history of political thought, philosophy, and law, A Virtue for Courageous Minds reveals how the virtue of political moderation can address the profound complexities of the world today.

About the Author

Aurelian Craiutu is professor of political science at Indiana University, Bloomington. His publications include Liberalism under Siege: The Political Thought of the French Doctrinaires, Tocqueville on America after 1840: Letters and Other Writings (edited and translated with Jeremy Jennings), and America through European Eyes (edited with Jeffrey C. Issac). He has also edited the political works of Francois Guizot and Madame de Stael.

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Adaptation to Climate Change: ASEAN and Comparative Experiences

Adaptation to Climate Change: ASEAN and Comparative Experiences presents a dynamic and comprehensive collection of works from legal scholars around the world that delves into a relatively new frontier on legal aspects of climate change adaptation with focus on the ASEAN region, both at the regional level as well as at the national level in some ASEAN countries – such as Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand. Other countries not within ASEAN are also represented, such as Bangladesh, People’s Republic of China, Sri Lanka, and the Republic of Taiwan. In doing so, it surveys one of the most important issues confronting developing countries today, and the challenges to building resilient societies. It is an essential source of reference for policy-makers, administrators, the private sector officials, scientists, academic scholars, climatologists, NGOs, and CSOs in ASEAN and the world.

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Adjudication Case Law Principles

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This book presents a summary of the principles on construction adjudication and the extracts of the leading decisions on the subject that bring up to date the materials considered in the leading textbook. The materials presented in this book are intended to serve two purposes. First, the narrative of the book presents a summary of the principles on construction adjudication. Second, the extracts of the leading decisions on the subject bring up to date the materials considered in the leading textbook written by one of the authors on the subject, Security of Payment and Construction Adjudication, 2nd Ed (LexisNexis, 2013). Readers will appreciate the materials on a number of decisions which have been delivered by the courts since the 2nd edition of that book, including W Y Steel Construction Pte Ltd v Osko Pte Ltd (2013), LH Aluminium Industries Pte Ltd v Newcon Builders Pte Ltd (2015) and most recently Eng Seng Precast Pte Ltd v SLF Construction Pte Ltd (2015).