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Charlesworth’s Company Law 18th Edition

Charlesworth’s Company Law is a long-established favourite among students of Company and Business Law, providing comprehensive and clear explanations of all aspects of this difficult subject. Far from being an introductory book, the writing style is topical, succinct and easy to read, and enough detail is provided for the reader to gain a thorough understanding of each topic.

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Commercial Applications of Company Law 4th Edition

Commercial Applications of Company Law 4th Edition – Problems Sets and Legislative Extracts is a handy supplement for any student of company law in Singapore. The problem sets are crafted using hypothetical corporate experience to assist the students in understanding and applying the principles of company law. Extracts of selected legislation are reproduced for easy reference.

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Commercial Applications of Company Law in Singapore 6th Edition

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Commercial Applications of Company Law in Singapore (6th Edition) provides a concise yet comprehensive introduction to the complex area of company law in Singapore. This book gives an up-to-date account of legal developments across the field of company law as it incorporates the most recent and planned amendments to the Companies (Amendment) Act 2017 as at 11 May 2018. Legal principles are discussed using local case law and further clarified via examples and charts, where relevant. The level of detail and topics covered are appropriate for students as well as practitioners.

The reader is given an overview of the operation of company law, the formation and legal nature of companies and the securities industry. Issues such as members’ decision-making process, powers, duties and liabilities of directors, disclosure requirements, shares and take-overs are also well covered.

Key features

• Thorough coverage, well-illustrated and written in a straightforward manner.
• Each chapter has a clear overview of the subject matter and is broken down into headings/parts.
• Case examples discussed to provide a clearer understanding of the law and its application.
• Takes into account the changes made by the Companies (Amendment) Act 2017.

Topics covered include:

  • The Functions and Structure of Companies
  • Company Law
  • Legal nature of companies
  • Business Planning and company formation
  • The company’s constitution
  • Managing companies
  • Member’s decision-making
  • Company meetings
  • Restriction to voting power
  • Company Directors
  • Directors’ Duties
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Consequences of breach of duty
  • Members’ remedies
  • Reporting and disclosure
  • Share capital, shares, and shareholders’ rights
  • Increasing, altering and reducing share capital
  • Debt finance
  • Contracting by companies
  • Corporate liability
  • Corporate Insolvency I & II
  • Securities
  • Takeovers

Commercial Applications of Company Law in Singapore (6th Edition) is an ideal source of reference for both professional and students from the legal, accountancy and business faculties.

Company Law 2nd Edition


The book covers the various legislation and subsidiary legislation related to the company as a business and its legal aspects.

The explanations to key legal concepts that define and characterise a company are explored and illustrated. In addition, the need for company regulation are explained as this is crucial in the quest for understanding the company and its regulatory environment.

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Company Law in Malaysia

Company Law in Malaysia, 2E is written particularly for non-law degree students who are taking Company Law in their course of study. Written in simple language with illustrations to demonstrate important points, students will find this book easy to read, giving them an understanding of the essential principles of company law in Malaysia. There are 17 chapters in this book, each beginning with the chapter’s learning objectives and concluding with a summary. Company Law in Malaysia, 2E sets off with a narration of the various types of business vehicles available in Malaysia before embarking on the life journey of a company from its incorporation to its winding up. In this edition as well, Appointment of Auditor is added to Chapter 9.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Classification of Companies
3. Incorporation
4. Separate Legal Entity
5. Memorandum of Association
6. Articles of Association
7. Share Capital
8. Maintenance of Capital
9. Appointment of Officers
10. Directors: Powers and Duties
11. Membership
12. Meetings
13. Corporate Transactions
14. Member’s Remedies
15. Loan Capital
16. Schemes of Arrangement
17. Liquidation

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English for Contract and Company Law 3rd Edition

This innovative book provides non-native English speakers with the English language skills necessary to carry out their legal studies and professional activities effectively. It focuses specifically on the legal language required in two major areas of law central to international business law, drawing on examples from English, American and European legal materials. Fully class-tested, it employs an interactive methodology widely accepted in English language teaching.

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Hicks & Goo’s Cases and Materials on Company Law 7th Edition

Hicks & Goo’s Cases and Materials on Company Law guides students through the complexities of company law with a broad selection of source materials, extracts from governmental and non-governmental sources as well as traditional cases and materials that are placed in context with clear commentary. It covers all the principal areas of company law including corporate governance issues and securities and insolvency. The book concentrates on how the law facilitates and regulates the operation of companies, both large and small, reflecting the realities of current practice. Each section is preceded by a concise introduction to help students understand the significance of the material presented. Similarly, each case is preceded by a statement of its legal significance and a summary of the main facts. The book has been fully updated to include classic materials whilst retaining the breadth of sources. The contents have been restructured to reflect the way the course is taught and chapter introductions have been developed to place each chapter in context and examine how these relate to the subject as a whole.

About the Author

Alan Dignam is a Professor in Corporate Law at Queen Mary, University of London.

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Mayson, French & Ryan on Company Law 30th Edition

Considered one of the most current and accurate accounts of company law to date, Mayson, French & Ryan on Company Law has been firmly established as the go-to text for students and practitioners alike. Now in its 30th edition, it continues to combine technical detail with a clear and easy-to-follow writing style, providing an excellent foundation for anyone studying company law. The only company law textbook to be updated annually, Mayson, French & Ryan enables you to confidently approach this sometimes complex area of study. With its easy-to-use format and comprehensive style, difficult areas of company law are examined in detail, with quotations from important cases used to accompany discussions and illustrate the practical implications of the law and how it works. An accompanying Online Resource Centre provides further support with regular updates and further information, ensuring that you are always kept informed. Whether you are an experienced solicitor or just starting your law career, Mayson, French & Ryan is the ideal companion for navigating the complicated world of company law. Online Resource Centre The Online Resource Centre will feature updates related to company law.

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Nutshells Company Law

Nutshells present the essentials of law in clear and straightforward language, explaining the basic principles. Features such as diagrams and checklists make them easy to use, while the inclusion of model questions and answer plans help students test their knowledge. Nutshells are an essential revision aid and ideal for getting fully up to speed with a new subject.

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Sealy & Worthington’s Text, Cases, and Materials in Company Law


Sealy & Worthington’s Text, Cases, & Materials in Company Law clearly explains the fundamental structure of company law and provides a concise exploration of each different aspect of the subject. The materials are carefully selected and well supported by commentary so that the logic of the doctrinal or legal argument is unambiguously shown. Notes and questions appear periodically throughout the text to provoke ongoing analysis and debate and enable students to test their understanding of the issues as the topics unfold. This text covers a wide range of sources and provides intelligent and thought provoking commentary in a succinct format. It will be invaluable to all those looking for expert observations and vital materials on company law.

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Understanding Company Law 18th Edition

Understanding Company Law 18th edition is a leading text for both undergraduate law and business law students of corporations law. This edition retains the logical structure and comprehensive approach of earlier editions. It has been updated throughout to include discussion of the most recent relevant legislative developments, inclduing the following. The Corporations Legislation Amendment (Deregulatory and Other Measures) Act 2015 (Cth), which: removes the obligation of directors to call and hold a general meeting at the request of 100 shareholders; requires companies to include a general description of their remuneration governance framework; and exempts certain companies limited by guarantee from the need to appoint an auditor. The exposure draft of the Insolvency Law Reform Bill 2014 (Cth), which aims to strengthen and streamline the personal bankruptcy and corporate insolvency regimes. Under the Bill it is proposed to: give creditors enhanced powers to protect their own interests by giving them the right to determine when and what information they are provided by an insolvency practitioner; give creditors the power to appoint an independent specialist to review the performance of an insolvency practitioner and resolve to remove that practitioner without having to seek the approval of the Court; and require insolvency practitioners to undergo enhanced insolvency education, renew their registration every three years, have appropriate insurance as a condition of registration and establish a new liquidators’ disciplinary process. The Treasury Legislation Amendment (Spring Repeal Day) Bill 2015 (Cth), which proposes to: reduce the number of business identifiers by replacing the Australian Company Number (ACN) with an Australian Business Number (ABN) for companies registered after 1 July 2016; and change the notification and reporting obligations of managed investment schemes in receivership. Recent case developments covered in the new edition include: U & D Coal Ltd v Australian Kunqian International Energy Co Pty Ltd (share capital and the prohibition on self-acquisition); Re Molopo Energy Ltd (company’s power to reduce share capital); Re Motasea Pty Ltd (valid transfers of shares); Re Appleyard Capital Pty Ltd (extending the time to register security interests); and Re Lime Gourmet Pizza Bar (Charlestown) Pty Ltd (valid appointment of an administrator by a director).

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Woon’s Corporations Law Desk Edition


Woon’s Corporations Law Desk Edition focuses primarily on the interpretation and explication of the Companies Act (Cap 50). It consists of annotations to the sections of the Companies Act fully updated to include all the latest amendments and seeks to illustrate the provisions by references to case law and related legislation where necessary. This book is an invaluable source of information for practitioners, company secretaries, academics, students and anyone engaged in or interested in the laws governing companies in Singapore.