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Law and Practice of Corporate Insolvency

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This book provides the practical approach on principal areas of corporate insolvency ranging from informal restructuring to a more formal restructuring such as schemes, judicial management and winding up. It also discusses cross-border aspects of corporate insolvency and contains important discussions on the roles of the courts and the official receivers who are two of the principal agencies involved in corporate insolvency.


Director’s Powers And Duties in Vietnam

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This book examines the powers and duties of company directors in Vietnam. It focuses on the main Vietnamese corporate legislation, law on Entreprises 2005. It argues, first, that the current Vietnamese corporate law provides a platform for a stronger corporate governance framework and, second, that specific attention needs to investor remedies and enforcement if Vietnam is to take advantage of the ‘law matters’ evidence and the OECD principles of corporate governance.


Human Resource Practitioners’ Guide to Employment Laws 3rd Edition

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Many real life scenarios faced by HR practitioners are shared in this guide. It must be said that the solutions given in this guide are by no means exhaustive, but they will certainly be useful for the many common issues that HR practitioners may face in the course of their work. In this third edition of the guide, there are scenarios and suggested solutions for each topic as it is critical for HR practitioners and students alike to fully appreciate the applications of the employment laws. It also provides timely and insightful updates on the recent amendments to the employment laws, such as better protection for more workers, flexibility for employers and enhancing enforcement of and compliance with employment standards.


Defamation Principles and Procedure in Singapore and Malaysia

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This book simplifies a very specialised area of law and considers the latest cases in the area of defamation in Singapore and Malaysia, including defamation cases on the internet. For the first time, here is a legal textbook that provides a step by step guide on the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of procedure and pleadings for a defamation action in Singapore and Malaysia.


Law of Trade Marks in Singapore

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The Law of Trade Marks in Singapore provides thorough coverage on the law relating to Trade Marks in Singapore. It also provides a succinct narrative statement of the core areas of the relevant law. This title defines the law, drawing upon relevant legislation, legal definitions, cases and other materials. It is invaluable to those who deal in the area of Intellectual Property but may not be familiar with this area of law. This book efficiently extends the reader’s knowledge on the topic and reduces the time needed for further research on the subject matter. For the non-legally trained reader, particularly trade mark agents, this book will provide crucial help in understanding the law. The comprehensive topic index and the detailed table of legislation provide tremendous help in locating relevant text.


Mergers and Acquisitions in Singapore

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Mergers and Acquisitions in Singapore: Law and Practice sets out the law and discusses the nuances, issues and controversies that have dominated the field of mergers and acquisitions. It aims to address the needs of both the professional and academic communities. This book is intended to operate as an aid to practitioners who are involved in the structuring and implementation of M&A transactions. In addition, it is also aimed at litigation professionals whose services are drawn upon when an M&A deal is one that requires an ex ante sanction of a court of law or one that presents itself before a court due to disputes that require resolution. Apart from discussing the law and its implications on transactions, the authors have made a conscious effort to distill the background and rationale to specific rules and principles and their evolution, which we believe will be of benefit to students and professionals seeking an initiation into the field of M&A.


Kelly’s Legal Precedents 21st Edition

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Formerly known as Kelly’s Draftsman, this unrivalled practical research and drafting tool provides a unique collection of the main forms and precedents practitioners are likely to need in their day-to-day practice. Kelly’s covers the key areas of private practice including commercial law, private client and property from construction to sale to leaseholds. The accompanying CD-ROM allows completion of the precedents on screen and it uses clear, straightforward language and document construction. Using the CD, it is simple to locate the material you require, either by entering a precedent or clause number or by navigating through the contents tree. At the click of a mouse button the CD enables you to find the precedent needed, print it out or copy it to a WP document and customise it to your precise requirements – all in a fraction of the time it could otherwise take. The result is an increase in productivity and an improvement to the quality of the finished product.


Singapore Court Practice 2014 Vol II Orders 45 to 105

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Remarks: This title contains TWO volumes. Volume 1 – published Volume 2 – scheduled to be published in August 2014 (customer orders now will only get Volume 2 when published and available later) “It is a work of considerable and enduring value. I commend [the author] most highly.” – Chief Justice Yong Pung How, in his Foreword to Singapore Court Practice 1999 About the Book – Analysis of all case law developments including particular emphasis on vital rulings of the Supreme Court and important decisions from other jurisdictions – Analysis of revised legislation affecting various areas of civil practice – Precise commentary and practice-oriented approach to suit the needs of both a busy and new practitioner – Includes the latest legislative developments: New Rules of Court 2014 New State Courts New State Courts Act 2014 New Practice Directions in 2014 – Both volumes with over 4,000 pages Key Benefits – More than a comprehensive work on Civil Practice, it also explains the difficult areas of the law and provides the civil litigator with all the necessary arguments for his case – Covers all amendments to statutes, rules of court as well as case law developments, practice directions, other legal sources and practice information – New format cross-references to Forms which are conveniently included at the end of each Order – Relied on by the Courts as persuasive authority in more than 200 reported cases and in many more unreported cases – Contributions by leading specialists in their fields.


Strata Title in Singapore and Malaysia 5th Edition

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The only authoritative book focusing exclusively on Strata Titles in Singapore and Malaysia. This book is updated with the latest legislative and judicial developments in this area of law. In this edition, the new Malaysian Strata Management Act 2013 is discussed together with the amendments made to the Strata Titles Act 1985. The latest changes to the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act (Cap 30C) are also discussed. To complete the learning experience, the author also addresses the requirement of approval for the acquisition of properties from the Economic Planning Unit in the Malaysian Prime Minister’s Department as provided in the Guideline on the Acquisition of Properties 2014.

Major case-law developments discussed are in the following areas, among others:

• the law on meetings under the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act (Cap 30C);

• validity of by-laws;

• meaning of common property and structural defects;

• constitutionality of collective sale regime;

• duty of good faith in a collective sale;

• nature of a charge registered against a subsidiary proprietor’s lot; and

• restriction on the powers of the council of a management corporation.

Key Features:

• Contains substantial update to the law in Malaysia as well as case law update for Singapore since the 2012 edition

• Includes amendments made to the Malaysian Strata Titles Act and the new Strata Management Act

• More than 30 new cases have been identified to reflect current positions based on judicial decisions made

• Discusses significant decisions of the Singapore Strata Titles Boards