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Abnormal Child Psychology 7th Asia Edition


The book is organized into a logical four-part framework to facilitate understanding of the individual disorders and mastery of the material overall.

The authors’ in-depth coverage of the role of the normal developmental process in understanding each disorder, as well as their close attention to important sex and cultural differences in the expression, determinants, and outcomes of child and adolescent disorders, promote greater understanding.

Table of Content

1. Introduction to Normal and Abnormal Behavior in Children and Adolescents.
2. Theories and Causes.
3. Research.
4. Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment.
5. Intellectual Disability (Intellectual Developmental Disorder).
6. Autism Spectrum Disorder and Childhood-Onset Schizophrenia.
7. Communication and Learning Disorders.
8. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
9. Conduct Problems.
10. Depressive and Bipolar Disorders.
11. Anxiety and Obsessive–Compulsive Disorders.
12. Trauma- and Stressor-Related Disorders.
13. Health-Related and Substance-Use Disorders.
14. Feeding and Eating Disorders.

Advance in Academic Writing 2: Intergrating Research, Critical Thinking, Academic Reading And Writing (with my eLab access)


Advance in Academic Writing is a comprehensive coursebook that prepares students for success in their college and university studies. In each chapter, students read authentic academic texts and develop key analytic skills around the texts. Advance explains in detail a range of different academic writing processes that will help students succeed.

AE Essentials of Statistics Behavioral Sciences 10th Edition


Thoroughly updated with the latest research, Gravetter/Wallnau/Forzano/Witnauer’s ESSENTIALS OF STATISTICS FOR THE BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES, 10th Edition delivers straightforward instruction, unrivaled accuracy, hands-on learning tools and a wealth of real-world examples and illustrations. Giving extra focus to difficult topics, the authors take time to explain statistical procedures so that students can go beyond memorizing formulas and begin gaining a conceptual understanding. Integrated applications reinforce concepts, ensuring that even students with a weak background in mathematics can fully grasp statistics. As a result, readers become savvy consumers of information. A complete supplements package — including the MindTap digital learning experience with the Aplia online homework tool — supports instructors with class preparation, testing and the ability to customize learning paths and content to maximize student success.

AE Practice of Social Research 15th Edition


Packed with hands-on applications, Babbie’s THE PRACTICE OF SOCIAL RESEARCH, 15th Edition, equips your students with the tools they need to practically apply research concepts as both researchers and consumers. Known as the “gold standard” for research methods, the text delivers a comprehensive, straightforward introduction to the field of research as practiced by social scientists. Dr. Babbie emphasizes the research process by showing students how to design and construct projects, introducing the various observation modes in use today. The new edition includes “What do you think?” puzzles that immediately draw students into chapter concepts. General Social Survey data is updated throughout while new coverage includes the global use of social research, the emerging role of big data, demographic analysis and more.

Algebra and Trigonometry: Pearson New International 5th Edition


Bob Blitzer has inspired thousands of students with his engaging approach to mathematics, making this beloved series the #1 in the market. Blitzer draws on his unique background in mathematics and behavioral science to present the full scope of mathematics with vivid applications in real-life situations. Students stay engaged because Blitzer often uses pop-culture and up-to-date references to connect math to students’ lives, showing that their world is profoundly mathematical. With the Fifth Edition, Blitzer takes student engagement to a whole new level. In addition to the multitude of exciting updates to the text and MyMathLab(R) course, new application-based MathTalk videos allow students to think about and understand the mathematical world in a fun, yet practical way. Assessment exercises allow instructors to assign the videos and check for understanding of the mathematical concepts presented.

All Edge – Inside the New­ Workplace Networks


Work is changing. Speed and flexibility are more in demand than ever before thanks to an accelerating knowledge economy and sophisticated communication networks. These changes have forced a mass rethinking of the way we coordinate, collaborate, and communicate. Instead of projects coming to established teams, teams are increasingly converging around projects. These ?all-edge adhocracies? are highly collaborative and mostly temporary, their edge coming from the ability to form links both inside and outside an organization. These nimble groups come together around a specific task, recruiting personnel, assigning roles, and establishing objectives. When the work is done they disband their members and take their skills to the next project. Spinuzzi offers for the first time a comprehensive framework for understanding how these new groups function and thrive. His rigorous analysis tackles both the pros and cons of this evolving workflow and is based in case studies of real all-edge adhocracies at work. His provocative results will challenge our long-held assumptions about how we should be doing work.


Alter Ego + 1 : Cahier d’activités + CD audio (French Edition)

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Structure: Le cahier propose de valider et de renforcer les connaissances acquises a travers une grande variete d activites: de vocabulaire;de grammaire;de communication;de comprehension ecrite et production ecrite;de plus, des activites de comprehension orale (CD audio inclus) viennent enrichir le travail sur les competences de communication.A la fin du cahier, un portfolio permet a l apprenant de suivre de facon active et reflechie son apprentissage. Les composants: Livre de l’eleve CD-ROMCahier d’activites CD audioGuide pedagogiqueCD audio classe (x3)Manuel numerique interactivf pour l’enseignant (cle USB)CD-ROM d’accompagnement”


Alter Ego + 1: Méthode de français + CDROM + Projets

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Alter Ego : la methode de reference en FLE dans lemonde entier !!Alter Ego 1 existe aussi en version tablette !Disponible sur l’App Store (http: // sur sur Google Play(http: // Venez tester le seulparcours numerique personnalise en FLE pour progresser en francais: Structure: 1 dossier 0 de demarrage etoffe9 dossiers de 18 pages: – 1 page d’ouverture-3 lecons d’apprentissage par dossier, de 2 doubles pages chacune- 1 double page ” Carnet de voyage”- 1 double page “S’exercer”?- 1 page DELFAnnexes: – Des activites de phonie-graphie?- Un lexique thematique par dossier- Un precis grammatical etoffe- Un tableau de conjugaisons- Les transcriptions audio”Les “plus” d’Alter Ego : “60% des documents renouveles et actualisesune offre numerique encore plus completeun projet pour chaque dossierdes pages d’evaluation DELF integrees au livre de l’eleveplus d’exercices dans chaque dossierdes activites de phonie-graphieun precis grammatical completun lexique thematiqueune progression revue sur l’ensembletous les enregistrements inclus dans le livre de l’eleve”Et toujours…”une methode issue des pratiques de classe et concue par une equipe de professeurs-formateurs experimentesune methode prete a l’emploi, gage d’efficacite et de solidite pedagogiqueLes composants: Livre de l’eleve CD-ROM avec tous les enregistrements inclusCahier d’activites CD audioGuide pedagogiqueCD audio classe (x4)Manuel numerique interactif pour l’enseignant (cle USB)Le Parcours digital”

Calculus & Its Applications, 14th Global Edition


Calculus & Its Applications builds intuition with key concepts of calculus before the analytical material. For example, the authors explain the derivative geometrically before they present limits, and they introduce the definite integral intuitively via the notion of net change before they discuss Riemann sums.

The strategic organisation of topics makes it easy to adjust the level of theoretical material covered. The significant applications introduced early in the course serve to motivate students and make the mathematics more accessible. Another unique aspect of the text is its intuitive use of differential equations to model a variety of phenomena in Chapter 5, which addresses applications of exponential and logarithmic functions.

Calculus for Business, Economics, Life Sciences, and Social Sciences 14th Global­ Edition


Calculus for Business, Economics, Life Sciences, and Social Sciences, 14th Edition offers more built-in guidance than any other text in its field – with special emphasis on applications and prerequisite skills – and a host of student-friendly features to help students catch up or learn on their own. The text’s emphasis on helping students “get the idea” is enhanced in the new edition by a design refresh and updated data and applications.

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Cognitive Psychology: Connecting Mind, Research, and Everyday Experience

Connecting the study of cognition to everyday life, E. Bruce Goldstein’s COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY: CONNECTING MIND, RESEARCH, AND EVERYDAY EXPERIENCE, 5th Edition, gives equal treatment to both the landmark studies and the cutting-edge research that define this fascinating field. Concrete examples and illustrations help students understand the theories of cognition–driving home both the scientific importance of the theories and their relevance to students’ daily lives. Goldstein’s accessible narrative style blends with an art program that makes difficult concepts understandable. Students gain a true understanding of the “behind the scenes” activity that happens in the mind when humans do such seemingly simple activities as perceive, remember or think. Goldstein also focuses on the behavioral and physiological approaches to cognition by including physiological materials in every chapter.

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