A Field Guide for Organisation Development: Taking Theory into Practice

Organisation Development, as a field, is messy, imperfect and hard to get hold of – it is like nailing jelly to the wall. A Field Guide for Organisation Development offers a variety of perspectives and unparalleled experiences from practitioners and researchers who all share an interest and involvement in Organisation Development (OD). In it are multiple voices, mindsets and practices – not all of which necessarily agree with each other. Leading OD practitioners present a contemporary, practical guide that tackles the dilemmas and polarities that face anyone studying or practising within the OD arena, and encourages them to develop their own particular practice of OD in a way that is appropriate for their context, skills and preferences, while challenging them to look beyond what comes naturally. Here are new ways to support the growth and development of an organisation from modest endeavours that are small in scale to organisation-wide change programmes. A Field Guide for Organisation Development is as comprehensive a resource to support the practice of OD as can be found anywhere. It covers issues of organisational health as well as offering tools aimed at supporting practitioners to survive in the harsh realities of organisational life. It contains chapters on the OD practitioner, on groups, on culture, on data and evaluation. It offers perspectives on change, on the relationship between OD and HR, and on the use of external consultants.

About the Author

Ed Griffin is an international HR Director and experienced Organisation Development consultant who has worked across many sectors, organisational types and countries. He has contributed research and articles in both HR and OD. Mike Alsop was, for many years, Global Head of Executive Development for G4S plc. Working as an ‘independent’ consultant since 2007, he now acts as a coach, facilitator and consultant for clients in many sectors, from all over the world. He is also a Partner at Waverley Learning. Martin Saville is co-founder of Mayvin, a specialist consultancy with a mission to nurture the human spirit in organisations. He has deep experience in building internal OD capability and in supporting organisations to enhance performance through values, relationships and culture. Grahame Smith is a highly experienced leadership coach and organisation development consultant. He has ‘first hand’ commercial experience in fmcg, retail, and fashion, and is working with organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors. Ed Griffin, Angela Baron, Martin Saville, Mike Alsop, Andy Smith, James Traeger, Penny Lock, Sue Belgrave, Paul Brewerton, Grahame Smith, Niki Dalton, Kate Mulcahy, Liz Finney, Jo Hennessy.

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