A Handbook of Practical Wisdom: Leadership, Organization and Integral Business Practice

The current financial and on-going ecological crises have taught us that without practical wisdom, business, organisations and leadership cannot be sustainable. In response to this situation, the Handbook of Practical Wisdom presents a critically informed understanding of wise practices, contributing to more integrative organizational and leadership studies and practice. The focus on integration emphasises the interdependencies of practical wisdom in relation to members, groups and cultures of organisations in their socio-cultural spheres. Wisdom has long slipped from the scholarly map, and so this handbook provides revived and new mappings for today and the future. Seeking to actualize creative potentials of practical wisdom, this book and series aspires to contribute to the contemporary odysseys and quests for orientation in organisation and management research and practice. Wisdom research, as presented in this book, provides bridges to underestimated, neglected or forgotten knowledge and offers transformative passages between Scylla – the rocks of dogmatic modernity – and Charybdis – the whirlpool of dispersed post-modernity. Practical wisdom allows for a better equipped and more experiential and reflexive journey and fosters the art of mindful travelling, beyond a reactive, moralizing sentimentalism. Accordingly, this handbook serves as a medium for reassessing and rearticulating more responsible ways of ‘praxis’ in the field of organization and management. In this spirit, each chapter opens a space for dialogue and debate, inviting further inquiries, conversations and explorations by and among its readers: students, academics and practitioners.

About the Author

Dr Wendelin Kupers is an Associate Professor at the School of Management, Massey University, Albany, New Zealand and Dr David Pauleen is Associate Professor of Business Information Systems in the same School.They are the editors of Gower’s Practical Wisdom in Leadership and Organization Series. Wendelin Kupers undertakes phenomenological, interdisciplinary and integral research on embodied, emotional and aesthetic dimensions of relational and responsible leadership and organizational practices. He has authored various books and journal articles, is involved in editorial and review activities and serves as conference co-convenor. He teaches in the areas of management, organisation studies and research methodology. David J. Pauleen has edited several books, most recently, Personal Knowledge Management (2011). His work has appeared in journals including the Journal of Management Information Systems, the Journal of Information Technology and Sloan Management Review. Dr Pauleen teaches knowledge management and other topics. Wendelin M. Kupers, Claire Jankelson, Peter Case, David Rooney, Maree Boyle, Amanda Roan, Roberto Biloslavo, Bernard McKenna, Jay Hays, Ali Intezari, David J. Pauleen, Bernd Kleimann, Mark G. Edwards.

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