A Practical Guide to Company Secretarial Obligations in Singapore


A Practical Guide to Company Secretarial Obligations in Singapore incorporates the latest amendments to the Companies Act (Cap 50) as at 14 September 2016. It is designed as a succinct and practical guide to the main duties and responsibilities of a company secretary under the Companies Act.

Company secretaries, company directors and professionals in corporate secretarial services will find this go-to manual an efficient resource in their everyday work.

Key Features & Benefits
Include all the relevant and latest provisions relating to amendments to the Companies Act. Other relevant company law provisions, case law and other important information, including the Securities and Futures Act, SGX Listing Rules, Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and the Code of Corporate Governance are referred to, as well.
Describes and explains the company secretarial practices involved in executing the law.
Directors will benefit as they know what their responsibilities are, the extent and limitations of their powers and their liabilities for failure to comply/act accordingly.
A reliable reference for both experienced company secretaries as well as new company secretaries to quickly acquire a solid understanding of their roles and responsibilities.
A one-stop, practical guide to company secretarial practice in Singapore
Contains guidelines, procedures and case references on the vital issues pertaining to the interpretation of company law by the courts.

Topics Covered
Overview of companies
Company’s constitution
Company’s shares
Officers of the company
Duties and liabilities of directors and company secretaries
Company registers
Shareholders and meetings
Minority protection
Accounts and audit
Borrowing and receivership
Winding up
Regulatory obligations of listed companies
Take-overs and Amalgamations
Corporate Restructuring
** Please note that a Toolkit comprising sample resolutions and documents related to the commentary is included in the eBook. The Toolkit is not available for print book.

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