A Strategic and Tactical Approach to Global Business Ethics 2nd Edition

The subject of ethics within the commercial environment has gone beyond its traditional application due to three primary factors and a host of additional elements. Existing and potential global managers need to be aware of the ramifications of limiting the conventional vision of ethical applications to their operations as the scope of the modern rendition of the term has changed. It has morphed into a wider more extensive meaning having a greater effect on the successful performance of transnational companies than ever before. Although a good start, international firms can no longer be satisfied with simply orchestrating a code of conduct to combat laps in ethical considerations – a historical defensive or reactive approach. It has become a judgment mechanism, part of the applied criteria that both consumers use to measure a company alongside the quality and price of the products and services they offer. Even potential employees question the ethical standing of the firms they wish to join. Managers need to get positively proactive as ethical related areas have exploited in importance as value added elements in the corporate mix. The peripheral limbs on the morality tree, corporate social responsibility and responsible management, have matured into major branches eclipsing the issues fundamental ethical roots from which they grew. They have to be more deeply integrated into strategic determinations and tactical actions. Decent acceptable conduct is not a sideline issue any more. It is a major contributor while also remaining as a significant deterrent to managing a successful sustainable global enterprise.

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Retired; Professor; W.P. Carey School of Business; Arizona State University

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