Accounting: An Asian Edition 3rd Edition (Bundled with Access Card)

Publisher: Cengage Learning

Lecturers with many years of teaching experience in accounting have adapted the widely used Accounting, 25th edition by Warren, Reeve and Duchac to create this Asian edition. This book is tailored for use in a first-year course on basic accounting. It is written from a sole proprietorship perspective and covers the complete accounting cycle and important accounting areas like cash, receivables, inventories and fixed assets. For this third edition, new chapters on Companies, Statement of Cash Flows and Financial Statement Analysis have been added to cater to more advanced topics.

Local accounting practices are taught in this text. Local businesses have also been included in the text
so that students can relate to the material better. The text is also written in a manner Asian students will find it easy to read and understand.

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Language : English
Published : 2015
Pages: 604