Achieving Success in Nonprofit Organizations

There is a need for current, research-based content focused on helping leaders of nonprofit and faith-based organizations to be successful. When compared to the market for new books and publications which discuss success strategies that apply to for-profit organizations, this market is underserved. This book focuses on topics and skills that leaders of non-profit and faith-based organizations, in recent research conducted by the authors, have indicated are needed to achieve success as defined by their organization. Each chapter is written by an expert on the subject dealt with in the chapter and focuses on the core concepts, skills, and techniques that, if mastered, can produce significant positive results. Sixteen topics critical to managers of non-profit or faith-based organizations are covered in the book and grouped into four sections: living the mission, making good decisions, getting things done, and developing the team. This book will be especially valuable to leaders of non-profit and faith-based organizations who have little spare time and want to focus their professional development on areas defined by their peers as critical for success.

About the Author

Timothy J. Kloppenborg Castellini Distinguished Professor of Management; Xavier University. Laurence J. Laning Previously Senior I.T. Executive at Procter & Gamble.

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