African Industrial Development and European Union Co-operation: Prospects for a reengineered partnership

A long road to substantive levels of industrialization still lies ahead of most African countries. The challenges facing policy-makers, industrialists, industrial development activist and all other actors in these countries are enormous. This raises the question as to, what role the international community should play in the 21st century to provide support intended to expedite Africa’s industrial development. This book argues that arrangements should be leveraged to build the productive capacities of the African economies, in order to enable them to take advantage of the market opportunities arising from preferential market access terms within various stripes of regional trade agreements (RTAs) and multilateral liberalization and demonstrates how African-EU co-operation can help build sustainable and competitive productive capacities in Africa.

About the Author

Francis A. S. T. Matambalya is Professor of International Economics and Marketing at the University of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania and Senior Development Consultant at the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation.

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