Armstrong’s Handbook of Performance Management: An Evidence-Based Guide to Delivering High Performance 6th Edition

Publisher: Kogan Page


Armstrong’s Handbook of Performance Management addresses all areas of performance management, from performance pay and giving feedback to managing underperformers and having difficult conversations, so organizations can optimize staff performance. This fully updated and restructured 6th edition analyzes traditional as well as the latest developments in performance management including the shift from ratings and annual reviews. Veteran HR expert Michael Armstrong examines where these new approaches should be embraced and where traditional methods of performance management may be preferable. Packed with examples, exercises, checklists and new case studies from organizations such as Microsoft, IBM and Expedia, this book remains the most authoritative and engaging textbook on performance management. Supporting online resources for Armstrong’s Handbook of Performance Management include an instructor’s manual, a student’s manual, lecture slides, a glossary of terms and a literature review.

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Language : English
Published : 2017-12-28
Pages : 416