Breakthrough Thinking: A Guide to Creative Thinking and Idea Generation

Harness your creative potential! Make no mistake; creative thinking is a skill. As with any skill, it can be strengthened, honed and mastered. And just like any endeavor, mastery of creativity requires thoughtful study and practice. This book gives you the tools you need to make creative thinking a part of your approach to every aspect of your life. Breakthrough Thinking is a holistic approach to creativity complete with industry examples from successful creative professionals and some of the top creative organizations in business today. Within the pages of this timely and comprehensive guide to idea generation and problem solving you’ll find techniques and exercises to help you: * Develop critical understanding of concepts, theories and trends in creativity * Learn how to develop and apply creative concepts and strategies within today’s competitive business environment * Brainstorm, analyze and evaluate innovative ideas and solutions * Empower your team’s creative process * And much more Let Breakthrough Thinking be your guide and tap into your creative potential today! “This book represents an important contribution to our growing understanding of creativity in professional practice. Vogel’s take on it from a variety of perspectives and contexts is rich and rewarding.” –W. Glenn Griffin, Ph. D., Associate Professor of Advertising, The University of Alabama and co-author of The Creative Process Illustrated “A resource not only for industry innovators, but also for academic mentors who aim to provide rich learning environments for creative leaders of the future.” –Joann M. Montepare, Professor of Psychology, Lasell College

About the Author

Thomas Vogel specializes in creativity and creative thinking, strategic communication, experience design and branding on the Internet. Formerly a Professor of Media Design at the Department of Media Management at the University of Applied Sciences Wiesbaden, Germany, he now teaches courses in creativity and creative thinking and directs the masters program in Global Marketing Communication and Advertising at Emerson College. He is a creativity consultant and a founding partner of mediaman, a digital marketing agency.

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