Burma Business and Investment Opportunities in Emerging Myanmar

This book will provide business owners and executives with a fact-based look at the options they have to reduce their energy consumption and cost. It will also provide an unbiased look at the current realities of both carbon – based and renewable forms of energy. Long term, energy will become more expensive and there will continue to be risks associated with both availability and cost that need to be understood by any business that makes and/or ships products. However, there are opportunities to reduce costs through energy conservation and an understanding of how the energy market operates in the state where the business resides. Energy is and will continue to be a world-wide challenge over the coming decades. 86per cent of energy used in the world today comes from carbon based fuels. The most available (and hence least expensive) sources of carbon based fuels are limited in the sense that no more coal, oil, or natural gas is being produced. As these resources are depleted, alternate sources will be developed and it is likely that energy prices will rise over the long term.

About the Author

Balbir Bhasin Fairfield, CT; Associate professor of international business at the John F. Welch College of Business; Sacred Heart University

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