Business Modeling with Spreadsheets: Problems, Principles and Practice 3rd Edition

Author: Thin-Yin Leong
Publisher: McGraw-Hill


This book is wholly dedicated to the art of exploratory spreadsheet modeling. Real problems that readers encounter on a day-to-day basis are presented, with the aim of helping them derive applicable principles and link principles to practice.

Users of this book will find it a refreshing learning guide and handy reference resource. It offers 101 spreadsheet exercises and tools, including a chapter featuring another 101 business challenges that readers can practice as modeling projects. Introduced for the first time in this third edition is a set of Discovery Points, 46 in total. They are included to enlighten readers and instructors on the underlying exploratory thinking employed in the exercises.

Though the book can be used with different versions of Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice and OpenOffice Calc, and other spreadsheet application software, this edition only presents Excel 2010-13 spreadsheet features and functions, and Visual Basic for Application in its appendices.

The notes for older Excel versions, and OpenOffice Calc and Basic from the earlier editions, and the newly added LibreOffice Calc and Basic are now found in a new Online Learning Center that accompanies this book. Completed spreadsheet workbooks in the different spreadsheet versions are also provided there.

This way, the book should remain helpful for any person, whether a novice, beginner, or expert, to learn business modeling using basic and advanced spreadsheet features, as well as macro programming.

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Language : English
Published : 2014
Pages : 350