Business Strategy In Asia: A Casebook

This book fills an important underserved niche in the strategy arena. Written by expert researchers on Asian business, it presents a broad selection of cases addressing a range of current and important issues in business strategy. The cases have been carefully chosen to represent all the different dimensions of diversity within Asia: geographic (countries), industries, and firm types. More than half of them are either new to or revised for this edition. The cases present an array of large and small firms, high-technology and new-economy firms, and those in emerging as well as mature industries, achieving success and suffering failure in a variety of business environments.
The diversity of cases, firms, and strategy situations in this book makes it an invaluable resource for teachers, students, and strategists. It can be used by faculty to teach in udergraduate, graduate, and executive education sessions. The book can also serve as a valuable guide for business managers interested in understanding how to compete in Asia.

Key Features
A comprehensive collection of 33 cases on firms and their strategies in major economies in Asia, such as China, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, and South Korea. Six of them are new to this edition. Features diverse industry contexts including old and new economy, manufacturing and service industries, and consumer and industrial products. Illustrates key concepts and theories in strategic management, such as industry analysis, firm competencies, diversification strategy, and strategic change. Also exemplifies contemporary and interdisciplinary concepts such as globalization, alliances, acquisitions, market entry, and corporate governance within the Asian context through exploration of firms strategies. Enables students and educators to simulate the decisionmaking process in organizations by immersing them into the complex environments faced by business leaders in a variety of situations. Reflects the importance of the broader responsibilities of firms through discussions of corporate governance and of corporate social responsibility.

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