Company Law in Malaysia

Company Law in Malaysia, 2E is written particularly for non-law degree students who are taking Company Law in their course of study. Written in simple language with illustrations to demonstrate important points, students will find this book easy to read, giving them an understanding of the essential principles of company law in Malaysia. There are 17 chapters in this book, each beginning with the chapter’s learning objectives and concluding with a summary. Company Law in Malaysia, 2E sets off with a narration of the various types of business vehicles available in Malaysia before embarking on the life journey of a company from its incorporation to its winding up. In this edition as well, Appointment of Auditor is added to Chapter 9.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Classification of Companies
3. Incorporation
4. Separate Legal Entity
5. Memorandum of Association
6. Articles of Association
7. Share Capital
8. Maintenance of Capital
9. Appointment of Officers
10. Directors: Powers and Duties
11. Membership
12. Meetings
13. Corporate Transactions
14. Member’s Remedies
15. Loan Capital
16. Schemes of Arrangement
17. Liquidation

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