CTE Management with CB VitalSource eBook 12th Edition

Author: Richard L. Daft

The new MindTap™ learning system offers a dynamic way to bring course concepts to life with interactive learning, study, and exam-preparation tools that are fully integrated with this edition of the text.
“REMEMBER THIS” FEATURE REINFORCES KEY CONCEPTS FOR STUDENT RECALL. These easily recognizable sections at the end of each major topic discussion throughout this edition distill key concepts into easy-to-read bulleted lists. Students find a one-stop shop for quick concept review as this section highlights key terms and definitions in addition to other key points important to the management concept.
FOCUS ON EMERGING THEMES AND INNOVATIVE EXAMPLES. This edition focuses on today’s ever-changing business landscape and the recent and critical challenges facing managers working within this environment. A “Hot Topic” icon used throughout the text draws students’ attention to some of the most up-to-date examples of management turbulence.
“ON THE JOB” VIDEO CASES PROVIDE BEHIND-THE-SCENES INSIGHTS INTO TODAY’S MANAGEMENT ISSUES. “On the Job” video cases, filmed specifically for Daft’s MANAGEMENT, take viewers into the inner workings of innovative organizations, including Camp Bow Wow, Theo Chocolates, and Barcelona Restaurants.
SELF-ASSESSMENTS ENCOURAGE PERSONAL MANAGERIAL DEVELOPMENT. Students immediately become engaged in chapter topics as brief “Opening Questionnaires” pose thought-provoking questions related to the chapter’s content. In addition, “New Manager Self-Test” features within each chapter enable students to inventory their personal skills and check their understanding of how concepts apply firsthand to the manager’s role. These features are also available with MANAGEMENT’s MindTap Reader, providing students with access to a wealth of online analytics and additional data that make them far more engaging and dynamic.
END-OF-CHAPTER EXERCISES ALLOW STUDENTS TO EXPERIENCE AND APPLY MANAGEMENT CONCEPTS. Engaging end-of-chapter “Experiential Exercises,” “Small Group Breakouts,” and “Ethical Dilemmas” allow students to work individually or in teams to check their understanding of management principles as they experience common management situations and apply concepts to practical events.

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Language : English
Published : 2016
Pages : 576